WTH Membership ~ what’s in it for me?

When we relaunched with our shiny new website at the Spring Social, we also launched our memberships for businesses and individuals. It was great to see our first business members wanting to know more about what we offer them, and absolutely brilliant to have so many immediate individual signups from women with first-hand experience of Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol. We are so pleased that it’s not just us who think we offer a whole load of great benefits all for the cost of a couple of coffees (or one cocktail) a month.

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WTHub Spring Social & re:Launch

We teamed up with Bristol Girl Geek Dinners this week to outline our plans for Women’s Tech Hub in 2018 and beyond at a Spring Social that included re:Launch of our website. We were invited  back to the ACCU conference where last year we shared our plans for Women’s Tech Hub, supported again by Bloomberg Tech. We welcomed the chance to share an update about our achievements over the past year, not least of which is supporting  more than 30 of our members into new jobs in tech.

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WTF~Bristol 1st Quarterly: Inspiration

Are you a woman running a tech company or thinking of creating a tech start-up? Perhaps you are feeling a bit isolated or simply trying to find trustworthy information and in need of some support from like minded people? We have the meetup for you!
We are very pleased to announce the first of our Women Tech Founders quarterlies on Tuesday, April 24th from 6.30-9.00pm at Desklodge Bristol. Continue reading “WTF~Bristol 1st Quarterly: Inspiration”