ADiT Consultancy

Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol has developed ADiT (Advancing Diversity in Tech) – a series of workshops built on one another to identify issues and practices within a company which may hinder to further advance diversity in the workplace.

Our range of modules can be booked individually or as a stream of modules, depending on the needs of your organisation.

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On completion of all workshops your company will earn the ADiT (Advancing Diversity in Tech) Seal – a quality standard we created to certify an employer’s commitment to actively advance diversity within the company.

Get in touch with us to arrange a presentation of the ADiT concept and its benefits for your company.

M1: Gender Audit

A data-driven audit of gender diversity in your company is a great place to start your journey to an inclusive workplace culture – a chance to take time out to evaluate the current state of affairs with a focus on gender equality. Identifying imbalances  is the first step to rectifying them.

M2: Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias is something that affects everyone. Understanding how it affects your business is essential to allow you to build a company culture that attracts clients and employees to engage with you.

We will look at the impact on your company structure and decision making and develop ways of breaking habits.

M3: Company Culture

We will facilitate the conversations that encourage employees to look at what they are and aren’t doing, and how to create a culture that works for and welcomes all employees. It can be hard to look critically at your own organisation, so a fresh pair or two of eyes and ears are useful.

We encourage open discussions and listening. Company cultures are like any other organism; they can grow and develop with the right nurturing. We will help you create an action plan of what to do next and what support you need to take steps in the direction you want to go.

M4: Recruitment Practice & Job Ads

Recruitment practices will affect who applies to work in your company. If you want to change the balance of representations in your workforce you may need to look at how you appoint people.

Recruiting new members of staff involves writing adverts and job descriptions that appeal to as wide a range of candidates as possible, and we can help with examples of good practice in the recruitment process. Finding ways to hire without unconscious biases is a skill that can be learned, like any other.

M5: Company Diversity Guide

We will gather all the findings from previous modules and include other cultural examples of good practice to incorporate into a bespoke guide.

This diversity guide acts as a reference for everybody to understand the good practices within your company.

M6: Findings & Futures > ADiT

On completion of all modules of our workshop stream, we run a final session to feed back the findings of all our conversations and give a WTH accreditation seal that shows your organisation has undertaken and completed all modules and is working to create an inclusive culture.

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