Individual Membership

It’s hard to quantify the effect that being part of a network like Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol can have – but we know it can change lives. We have already helped members into great jobs, identify their training needs, and develop lasting friendships and peer support.

I just wanted to thank you for letting me know of the job openings at KETL. They invited me for the interviews and have now offered me the job. So many thanks for the help. WTH is quite an inspiration and I am happy to be a part of it.
Ghazal Javed, Data Analyst

Our annual membership for women and gender non-conforming folks starts at £5 (plus VAT) a month, payable via PayPal – do please get in touch if you are unable to afford this.

If you are in work and want to contribute more feel free to donate via our support button.

You can also sponsor a membership for a non-working person. Please contact us for more details.

Individual Membership
£5 / month
Individual Membership
£55 / year

Membership Benefits

Job Search

  • Experience peer support – face to face and via our dedicated slack channel
  • Receive feedback and editorial help with your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Submit a personal skill profile to our non-public database
  • Register your interest in being approached by WTH for relevant opportunities
  • Hear about jobs and other opportunities to enhance your career first

Skill Boosters

  • Attend 2 workshops per year for free and join more at an affordable rate
  • Discounts on training with partnered companies
  • Discounted conference tickets
  • Test your next tech talk with a friendly audience or be the audience
  • Start/join a study group with other women and gender nonconforming folks in tech
  • Turn yourself into a confident conference speaker
  • Profit from shared resources like tech news, conferences, publications