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Have you tried switching it back on again?

We believe that diverse teams are stronger, offer a more balanced viewpoint and ultimately perform better. We wouldn’t have set up Women’s Tech Hub otherwise. As one practical solution to the lack of women in the tech workforce we are developing Re:Boot; a ‘returnship’ program of short internships aimed at encouraging women to work in tech.

What does Re:Boot do?

  • offers a 3 month internship to women to develop their skills in a working environment
  • internships will be individually tailored to the company and the intern e.g. hours are flexible and mutually agreed

Companies will be expected to offer

  • an agreed programme of work
  • flexible work hours negotiated with the intern
  • any training required to undertake the work
  • mentoring and support as they would with any employee.
  • workspace
  • IT equipment

WTH will:

  • offer support to interns and companies
  • take feedback from interns on the program to the companies involved
  • work with host company to analyse working environment and any issues that are blocking recruitment etc.
  • charge a small recruitment fee to the company on successful candidate acceptance at the end of the program.  This is to allow WTH to grow the Re:Boot program and continue to offer support.

Benefits of the scheme

For interns/women:

  • chance to prove themselves
  • chance to brush up on skillsets after career break
  • opportunity to move from other careers into tech
  • longer term connection/support from WTH

For the companies involved:

  • it shows their commitment to creating more diversity in their workforce
  • recruitment tool: acts as an extended interview ie ensures that intern is capable of and fits in with the team/company
  • Long term diversity: WTH will offer feedback on any issues they identify that may affect retention of women in the company

We are currently in conversation with Bristol tech companies about setting up internships for women. Please get in touch with WTH if you are a company looking to increase the diversity of your workforce.