Gender Diversity in Tech

Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol grew from our shared love of working in tech, alongside our awareness of the lack of diversity. Our mission is to support the development of a tech industry that is inclusive of all; that reflects the wider society that it exists to serve.

We aim to support and encourage women and gender non-conforming folks working in tech to develop new pathways into working in our industry.

We encourage companies to think about their current practices, especially in terms of their recruitment processes and workplace culture.

We offer practical solutions and share useful information for individuals and businesses in our network.

We work with women and gender non-conforming folks to develop their confidence and skillsets and with companies to create inclusive workplace cultures that welcome currently underrepresented groups.

Support Us

Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol want to be open to all our members regardless of income and as such wish to offer all members equal opportunities for any offers that we can pass on.  We are continually grateful for our members support and being there for us and one another, we do not wish anyone to feel obligated but are truly appreciative of any support to allow us to continue in our mission to support Diversity in Tech .

* please note we are a VAT registered social enterprise but are not a charity so you are unable to reclaim the tax