Bootcamps and a sad farewell

University of Gloucestershire Institute of coding BootCamps

Skills Bootcamps are flexible, 16-week courses that offer opportunities to learn and develop skills in tech, which fast-track you to an interview with an employer. Delivery will be over eight weekends from 26th November 2021 to 31st March 2022. All teaching will be delivered online to ensure maximum engagement from students.

The most interesting piece, other than the subjects is that they are being delivered remotely, are free (based on acceptance criteria) and are being delivered on:

  • Friday, 6pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, Sunday, 9pm – 5pm

Subjects are Data Science, Cyber Analysis and Software engineering!

A sad farewell to Andy Lunness

Last week we had the shocking and very sad news that our true Ally, Good Friend, gentleman, scholar and Women’s Tech Hub supporter was sadly taken from us. We know you may not all have met him, but any of those of you who came to our socials over the past few years undoubtedly have and will be shocked to hear of the news. Andy, we have known for some time and we can only say that we have been truly heartbroken by his loss, he hosted a number of social events for us and here’s a couple of pictures from them. We want to say a big thanks for all the support, fun and friendship he gave us and our hearts go out to his family, partner, friends and colleagues xxx

In true Andy fashion, the canal boat trips didn’t involve a lot of sitting on a boat and sipping wine and we feel he sold us a bit of a rum deal when we first realised it was a lock opening exercise – but we loved it! We won’t mention the fact that he almost drowned us in a lock or why he always seemed to have some glitter in his beard – he was a one and only!

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This week Codehubs hacknight is back so pop in and have a techy chat Hack Night & Hack Night @CodeHub


The latest tech events we’ve spotted – there’s more coming up that you can find on our conference page.

PASS Data Community Summit November 8th – 12th, Virtual

PASS Data Community Summit 2021 is the year’s largest gathering of Microsoft data platform professionals.

Digitalising Manufacturing Conference 2021 November the 9th – 11th

A key theme throughout the conference will be success stories from UK manufacturers who have already started their digitalisation journey, those who take taken the leap, put the theory and methodologies into practice to benefit from the opportunities of digitalisation.

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