City of Bristol Courses & Open Day

Open Day

The City of Bristol College has an Open Day this week and you can sign up here.

A couple of things we spotted that may be of interest is that they are also involved in both online and live and some that are free or affordable training for adults.

Over 50 short, online college courses are available for you to join today for free, giving you the skills you need for a career change or to get employment ready. This wide range of courses is brought to you by Partners in Bristol (PiB), part of City of Bristol College, in collaboration with SkillsNet. Some that piqued our interest:

Other News this week

Expansion for Bristol deep tech ecosystem

“Science Creates, a deep tech ecosystem that nurtures science and engineering start-ups and spin-outs, has opened its second specialised incubator space in Bristol.”

My Skin My Story
women in data

My Skin My Story is a project powered by Sathya Bala, CEO & Founder at True Change. In this growing global movement, women of colour connect, empower and elevate each other through the magic of storytelling.

Deep Learning Summits Discount

It’s Cyber week in the US and they’re offering up a discount on all the events. It’s a 25% discount on all their in-person and virtual events CYBER25

Facebook and Instagram encryption plans delayed by Meta until 2023

Plans to roll out end-to-end encryption on Facebook and Instagram have been delayed amid a row over child safety. Meta – as Facebook’s parent company is now called – said messaging encryption on the apps would now come in 2023.

Our Candidates

If you are interested in any of our candidates please contact us at to discuss. If any of you are looking for jobs then feel free to send us your requirements and we can put you on our candidate’s list. For companies looking please check out our current candidates here.

Jobs of the Week

There are some top jobs from our clients wanting to make a difference and ensure that they reach out to recruit a more diverse workforce. Please take a look and contact them if you are interested as often companies are open to discussing other openings with potential candidates also. Check out all of the jobs on our jobs board and get in touch if you want to reach out to our members at

Our Events

This week we are back with Workshop Wednesday and a presentation on OOP with Stephen Leach, Session 06 – Enhanced X-Ray Vision. Moving onto how to transform function calls into objects and vice versa. + drop in’s for anyone else wanting to pop in and say hi keep an eye on our page for updates here or check in to codehub slack. Sign up on Workshop Wednesdays.


The latest tech events we’ve spotted – there’s more coming up that you can find on our conference page.

The GIANT Health Event 2021 30th of November – 1st of December

The GIANT (Global Innovation and New Technology) Health Event is Europe’s leading, unmissable innovation festival with numerous informative conferences, 100s of world-class speakers, immersive workshops, and a cutting edge health tech startup competition for prizes. Our vision is to improve the health and well-being of people around the world, by facilitating healthcare innovation and supporting health-tech entrepreneurs and investors.

Health Tech Conference 2nd of December 2021

At the pro-manchester Health Tech Conference we will explore how the healthcare sector, its staff and users have adapted and a new normal has emerged. We will also look at what innovative ideas have been developed and what kind of a difference are they going to make to the future of healthcare delivery in the UK. We will be exploring the changes in legislation, operating methods and culture and how all these things are driving a fundamental shift in our healthcare system for good.

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour 2 – 3 December 2021

ASAB virtual Winter meeting 2021: Animal behaviour in a changing world University of Portsmouth Hublet.

This year the meeting is being organised by Hansjoerg Kunc, Claudia Wascher, Sophie Nedelec, Natasha McGowan, and Matthew Bell.

The theme of the ASAB Winter meeting is “Animal behaviour in a changing world”. If you feel that your interests lie in this area then please put the date in your diary. More information is coming soon.

As with all ASAB meetings, researchers of any aspect of animal behaviour are very welcome to attend.

UKSPA Member Conference 2-3 December 2021

Innovation Birmingham Campus. Hopefully, the next two days will provide an opportunity to reflect on the last twenty months but also to look forward and reconnect and re-engage with friends and colleagues. This will be a slightly different event to those we have run in the past. There are more plenary contribu-tions than we would usually have with all of the main sessions taking place in the Atrium of the Innovation campus with a reduced capacity but in a larger space.

As a suggestion from one of our lovely members (Thanks Gabs #1!), we have also set up a “buymeacoffee” page for those wanting to give us a small thank-you. Check it out here.

Women’s Tech Hub products

Candidates page advertises the skillsets of the women we have looking for roles in the area (and some of our male allies).

Jobs Board for those wanting to advertise specifically to our members in the area – check it out here.