Coding Fun & interview practice

Shamelessly stolen from a linkedin Post

With all the interviews and training going on currently we spotted a great set of links from someone on LinkedIn that we thought was worth sharing.


First was something called Interview Cake which claims “I will teach you to be good at programming interviews”. It also gives some great other pieces of advice on interviewing, imposter syndromes and prepping for an interview. There’s a fully charged version (money back if you don’t get the job!) but also a free 7 day one for coding questions.


Another interview prep website also from across the pond.

Claiming “LeetCode is the best platform to help you enhance your skills, expand your knowledge and prepare for technical interviews.” There are some free questions and solutions on the site and it appears to have a lot of coding contests so worth a look.

Daily Coding Problem

Sends you daily problems to help you practise for interview coding tests – it also has a subscription cost but we also spotted that they have a book available here.

Talking of book options …

Cracking the Coding Interview: 189 Programming Questions and Solutions 6th Edition


FreeCodeCamp does however have a free option as their name would suggest:

If you’re looking for free coding exercises to prepare for your next job interview, we’ve got you covered.

This section contains hundreds of coding challenges that test your knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and mathematics. It also has a number of take-home projects you can use to strengthen your skills, or add to your portfolio.

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The latest tech events we’ve spotted – there’s more coming up that you can find on our conference page.

Devoxx UK November 1st – 3rd London

Devoxx UK is a 3-day conference where developers come together to explore the latest technology advancements and fascinating ideas, with some of the most inspiring speakers in our sector.

Diverse, local and global talent introduce the newest and most vital content from the development world, with a range of sessions covering Java, Cloud, Data, AI, Robotics, Programming Languages, Security, Architecture, Developer Practices and Culture.

Web Summit 2021 November 1st-4th, Lisbon

At Web Summit, the main question is always: where next? At a time of great uncertainty, this question has never been more important.

Social Media Week November 2nd – 4th London

The name says it all really – its not really a week its just 3 days …

ScalaCon 2021 November 2th-5th, Virtual

ScalaCon is a collaborative project brought to you by the folks behind Scala eXchange and Scala Days conferences. The November edition of the conference takes place over four days packed with 20+ talks, networking opportunities, virtual sponsor booths, and a safe space for talking about the Scala programming language.

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