Data, Data everywhere but not enough data scientists

The World Economic Forum predicted that data scientists and analysts will become the No. 1 emerging role in the world by 2022. A quick trawl of the interweb soon shows why, as Big Data analytics and science-based skills such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become such a big skillset demand.

The pandemic has ensured that many more businesses have moved towards digital businesses to remain competitive during the crisis and they are also now realising the power and need to remain competitive in a post-pandemic world.

With this move to digital comes a wealth of new data, which needless to say gives out a lot of money-making opportunities and also time to analyse and predict future trends.

Data scientists can come from many backgrounds, typically with a computing background, but also from modelling, statistics, data analytics, maths and business as well as the scientists who are normally used to large data sets from their research.

Pre pandemic data science was primarily specialised in e-commerce and IT, however, the new rise in usage cuts across a vast swath of industries the need for data science has been growing and the market doesn’t really have the skilled workforce available.


Our event with UWE that will be running in October is a great chance to consider moving into this fast-moving sector. We believe it’s situated as a perfect opportunity for women wanting to return to the workplace, brush up skills and also for those looking to get into the industry. If you would like to discuss it with us then please contact us at and we can provide more details and consider the affordability both time and money cost-wise.

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