Did we mention our Careers Fair?


Tech3Shed returns for its second outing at this year’s’ Bristol Technology Festival. It’s super-inclusive and exists to help companies get past the barriers to recruit diverse tech teams into industry. So rather than repeating a line like “but no women ever apply” come, be at the fair, speak to the women and other potential employees that don’t look like your standard ‘superstar’ dev and find out why. The Tech3Shed fair is about engagement and showing that you are open to all rather than just ticking a ‘diversity’ checkbox.
For anyone wanting to come & meet companies whether you are currently skilled and looking, returning after a career break or simply tech-curious then this is the Fair for you. We promise you will NOT be ignored due to not looking like or being ‘BOB’ .. and we are happy to introduce you to companies that you are interested in. You are all welcome to come for FREE .. signup here on Eventbrite

So sign up now if you are looking for a new role or mail us at info@wthub.org if you are a company wanting to sponsor and truly support diversity in Tech.

Workshop Wednesday

Next Weeks Workshop Wednesday is seriously packed with great stuff – so much that we’ve put the details here. Big thanks to Toumetis for sponsoring the pizzas!!

Sign up on Workshop Wednesdays , CodeHub Bristol or Women Tech Founders

We also have the great Gwen wanting to practise her talk for I’ll Be Back South West – 17 September – eventbrite here

Working title = “Can you hear me now?”: How having coverage for comms has morphed from good to….. bad?

I’m interested in how technology is affecting how we assess and perceive  truth and reality, particularly the sound of our voices and privacy. “Can you hear me now? Good.” The Classic Verizon ad to shout about their amazing mobile network coverage worked because we accepted the construct that he was where he said he was. But new technologies [Google Duplex, Talk To Transformer, Living Portraits, Zao] now mean that even if you see me on a video call, and you recognise my voice, you don’t know if these words are really mine, or if the video is really me.

We’re accustomed to talking with and listening to devices like Alexa and Siri. That their staff listen into conversations has surprised some – but how many of us review the T’s & C’s to our mobile phones or mobile apps? There are plenty of surprises if you do. The unknown privacy issues are also interesting – if you step into a new room, how do you discover what smart devices are listening in? There is no standard “if you’re listening, recording or seeing me declare yourself” protocol. Yet we retain a unique gift of sensing when someone is stressed or not well just by hearing their voice. And the rise of podcasts illustrates that as the world gets more intense, the quiet comfort we get from blocking out the real-world and listening to a voice in isolation. Voice ID is used to authenticate me when I call my bank. Today, we trust voice.

But as technology moves forward, will anything stop deep fake from being used to generate comforting conversations with loved ones who are no longer with us? Or negotiate a tricky deal? What if the deep fake videos we’ve seen could be rendered live, with words, voice, and images created in response to what is heard? Skype job interviews will never be the same again. I’d like to talk about how these new technologies are being accepted and rejected. How we are adapting to talking with things other than our friends and the cat. And how our perception of In Real Life and fiction is adapting to the new situations we encounter.

The Verizon man said can you hear me now down the phone; is the only way to know that it’s the real me you’re talking to meet me for coffee?

Other Stuff

We advertise any conference details we spot on our conference page – we’ll give you highlights here (our events and ones with offers come first and loudest obviously!)

Bath Girl Geek Dinners are on the 17th – BGGD Reloaded #8 – Lets talk about AI

Bristol Girlgeek Dinners on the 19th @ Lloyds Bank .. they’re promising it will be really exciting …

Mayden Academy also have a great new Diversitech Fund to give reduced cost training here .

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Did we miss anything?

If you have any events that you want us to mention on our next Blogpost contact us on info@wthub.org. We do try to keep it to free or funded items that our members might relate to.