Ever felt like we’re living in a 70’s sitcom?

Women Who Tech Report

Women Who Tech retained polling firm Lincoln Park Strategies to anonymously survey 1,003 tech employees, founders, and investors globally on their experiences in the tech sector.

Their goal with the 2020 survey was to identify what barriers and challenges people face in the tech sector, and track whether the systemic sexism and racism that respondents’ experiences have shifted since our 2017 survey. 

Women who Tech

Some highlights (downlights?) from it:

When asked what kind of sexual harassment, 65%of women founders said they were propositioned for sex. This was up 9%from 2017. In addition: 

  • 59%of women experienced unwanted physical contact (-3%).
  • 56%of women had sexual slurs directed at them (+17%).
  • 32% of women were groped (+7%).
  • 24%of women were sent graphic photos (+14%).

It really is like some retro 70’s sitcom – think Benny Hill and on the buses and it would fit perfectly – take this one as an example:

Of the women founders who experienced harassment by an investor, 59% were explicitly propositioned for sex in exchange for investment funding and introductions.

You really couldn’t make it up could you? It is an american publication so hears hoping that the UK industry is a bit more 21st century.

On a more positive note, we took a look at a free boot camp this week (the link is now on our training page). We had a look through the reviews and they are pretty positive and while they don’t claim to be a one-stop-shop, it is definitively a good place to go get started without any expensive outlay. If you are interested in coding but don’t know what to do then we are always here to make a suggestion on where to start, simply mail us on info@wthub.org to get started. If you about to go back into furlough but without the kids this time then its a pretty timely start for you.

It’s called the freecodecamp and covers:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Javascript Algorithms and Data structures
  • Front End Libraries
  • Data Visualization
  • APIs and microservices
  • Quality Assurance
  • Scientific computing with Python
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Information Security and
  • Machine Learning with Python

Workshop Wednesday

Will next be back this week on the 4th of November – sign up here for the following workshops:

PyLAB, Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning & WebDev101

We are also having a workshop on how to setup a portfolio site by Rob Squires – see our previous post here


Manic Mondays is open for anyone wanting to catch up as always – just signup here.

Stuff we spotted and thought we would pass on

Ecotricity founder to grow diamonds ‘made entirely from the sky’

Driverless race car sums up 2020 by swerving into a wall for no reason

Spot the robot dog used by NYPD at crime scene

Just cough into your phone, please… MIT lab thinks it can diagnose COVID-19 from the way you expectorate

and uber geek piece Untether AI rethinks Von Neumann architecture for AI inference accelerator cards


Data Science Festival November (all month!)

Unlike physical conferences where you can end up sitting through content you just don’t need, Data Science Festival 2020 is delivered entirely online. Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to transform your learning and business, or catch them all. It’s up to you!

GW4 Water Security Alliance 2020 Annual Conference 2nd – 4th November

Every year, the GW4 Water Security Alliance bring stakeholders and academics together during a one-day conference to discuss water research challenges. Our 2019 event gathered over 120 attendees with key speakers from UNESCO and Environment Agency. Please see the summary of our 2019 event here.

Realize Live 3 – 4th of November 2020 

A virtual destination for users to innovate, collaborate and problem-solve to drive digital transformation. Realize LIVE Europe brings together multiple industries, communities and conferences into one event.

Agile in the City: Bristol – November the 4th 2020

Agile in the City: Bristol is a practical event for the Agile community from the organisers of Agile Cambridge and Agile Manchester. Returning for its fifth year, this conference allows participants to connect and learn from their peers and leaders in the industry. It has a strong practical focus and attracts industry practitioners and decision-makers who want to improve their success with agile methods. The event provides three days of inspiring agile and lean learning from a dynamic mix of stimulating keynotes and practitioners working on the front line of the industry.

VueConf Toronto 2020 Online – Vue.js Conference 4- 6th of November

Join 10,000+ Vue.js developers from more than 100 countries for a two-day conference to learn and discuss about the latest of Vue.js and related technologies.

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