Fancy meeting live again?

EGM summary

We had a great meetup this week to discuss where we are going with the group and what people were interested in. The summary is (which we will try and implement):

Going Live

Most people want to meet up live again. We have had an initial discussion with the great Desklodge house and they were keen so we will follow up with this. There will be rules about limiting numbers and people having lateral flow tests to be safe but we believe that it will be good to get back to meeting up. Hopefully, this will be from February based on a discussion with the Desklodge team.


  • It will be a slightly later start as many people are coming in from home as they are now remote working. 6.30 has been proposed for checking in.
  • We won’t be providing pizzas (this may change if we get some sponsors in), we will provide drinks though and we will also put a break in for people to mingle
  • It will be less based on workshops for the key groups and more a drop in for networking, discussion and support. This will allow beginners as well as professionals to mix more easily and less pressure to work through training. For beginners, the specialists should be able to propose training in the areas of expertise and support where help is needed. This will also be supported on the slack channel with the codehub team.
  • The groups to start with are: Python, WedDev101, BDSML and possibly gaming and anything else people want to meet up and discuss.
  • The groups can run workshops if they deem it required and one offs such as laptop maintenance/databases/Github etc
  • MadeTech are offering up workshops and these may be recorded and also run remotely for people not making the meeting

So keep an eye out while we set this all up. The BDSML (Bristol Data Science and Machine learning) group will also run some drop-in sessions to discuss data science for our upcoming spring data science conference.

Eight Ways To Bring More Women Into The Technology Sector

(And Keep Them!)

Not our piece but something we recognise especially about the dropout rates. Every little helps so we hear:

According to the TrustRadius 2021 Women in Tech Report, 72% of women in tech say they are outnumbered by men 2-to-1 or more; 26% (more than a fourth) report being outnumbered by 5-to-1 or more. A study from Accenture and Girls Who Code found that half of the young women who go into tech jobs leave the field by age 35.

DataTalks Club/data engineering bootcamp

This is starting Monday and may be of interest to some data enthusiasts out there. Big thanks to Kathryn from Bootcamp for highlighting it

Old and New

Not saying that Katja is old but she is taking a VERY well deserved break from Codehub management and Kwan is stepping up. I think we need to say a big thank you to our volunteers who work tirelessly in the area to improve the culture and support in the industry for all.

Another quick announcement is that one of our members has just had a baby – as well as another member a couple of weeks ago. I won’t say their names but Big Congrats to you who have covid-babies, the next tech generation we are hoping(I suspect one may be an eco-warrior though.. tech-enabled obs) !!! Big Virtual Hugs to you both xxxx

Our Candidates

If you are interested in any of our candidates please contact us at to discuss. If any of you are looking for jobs then feel free to send us your requirements and we can put you on our candidate’s list.

Job(s) of the Week

There are some top jobs from our clients wanting to make a difference and ensure that they reach out to recruit a more diverse workforce. Please take a look and contact them if you are interested as often companies are open to discussing other openings with potential candidates also. For now, check out all of the jobs on our jobs board and get in touch if you want to reach out to our members at

Our Events

This week we are back with the hacknight join up through codehub Hack Night or women’s Tech hub Hack Night @CodeHub


Nothing spotted this week!

It’s okay – there’s some on the way. We believe that many have dropped out during covid, but let us know if you’ve spotted some. We have a list of the ones we have spotted here.

As a suggestion from one of our lovely members (Thanks Gabs #1!), we have also set up a “buymeacoffee” page for those wanting to give us a small thank-you. Check it out here.

Women’s Tech Hub products

Candidates page advertises the skillsets of the women we have looking for roles in the area (and some of our male allies).

Jobs Board for those wanting to advertise specifically to our members in the area – check it out here.