Filmmakers’ Shindig and a spoonful of sugar


CAHOOTIFY JustMakeIt! Eve for aspiring filmmakers, a discussion on language from Ceri, ESPRC new ED&I initiatives and a very harry potter ceremony.

Filmmakers’ Shindig from cahootify 26th July in Bristol

For all you budding Film buffs out there we think this one is for you

Probably the most inspiring little film night in the world. Join us in Bristol for an evening of learning, stimulation, collaboration, entertainment and general filmmaking joy!

This is an exclusive opportunity to:

  • Hear a guest keynote followed by Q&A from Robin Mukherjee, details below. 
  • Watch a compelling short film by a talented newcomer.
  • Enjoy food and drink in the gorgeous Square Club bar.
  • Network with other attendees and share ideas for upcoming projects.
  • Enjoy live entertainment from Richard Hughes, details below.

The CAHOOTIFY JustMakeIt! Eve is your chance to get inspired and get involved! We want to encourage you to make your film projects happen, with this opportunity to hear from professionals who have been there and done it already.

A spoonful of sugar: harnessing language to achieve team goals with Ceri Newton-Sargunar

A few of you have had the pleasure of meeting Ceri in the past when she’s supported our events and popped in for zoom sessions so we thought it might be nice for you to have a virtual catch-up.

ESPRC upcoming diversity initiatives

EPSRC is launching two ED&I networks designed to improve diversity and inclusion in the energy research landscape. They will not be launching until later this year but just as a heads up for those with an interest in the field.

IGNITE Network+: Innovation and Growth Needs Inclusion and engagement of all Talent in Energy research (

EDI+ Research And Innovation Network+ For Equality, Diversity And Inclusion In The Energy Research Community (

Big Thanks to UWE


As much as we don’t do awards or things – I would like to thank UWE for the prestigious honour of an Honorary Masters in technology for all the work we do here (we accepted that one!). It was great fun and a bit harry potter’ish especially with all the dress up and chairs and procession stuff, but very humbling so a massive thanks (and for the after meal!). Hence the main picture reference to check and see if you were paying attention!

Serrie xx

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Hack Night


Advanced Information and Communication Technology Conference 25 – 26 July 2022

The world is getting more and more computerized thus making the computer necessary tool in every human activity. This is more pronounced in the business environment where the computer has become the standard work tool. This conference is designed to equip participants with the essential skills needed to use computers to enhance their job performance. The conference will also enhance the capacity of participants to impart latest trends and development of ICT.

FullStack eXchange 2022 27 — 28 July 2022

Connect with hundreds of like-minded Full Stack developers as we explore the latest in JavaScript, nodeJS, web and IoT.

Join us in central London for two days of keynotes, roundtables, and lightning talks — plus, as usual, we’ll be capping it all off with an epic party.
And if that’s not enough FullStack for you, we’ll also be hosting hands-on workshops on either side of the event to dig deeper into the topics.

TURING FEST 27 – 28 July 2022

Europe’s best cross-functional tech conference is back! Turing Fest enables you to learn and connect with the best in tech, gain practical insight into the art and science of building, growing, and leading successful startups and high-growth tech businesses – see for yourself!

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