Free Robotics courses & Data Science Conference

Women’s Tech Hub in collaboration with UWE

April the 28th 2022 @ The Watershed, Central Bristol

Women’s Tech Hub is proud to present a one day conference in collaboration with UWE Bristol. Rather than it being a conference for people in the field, this is a conference for people interested in Data Science and learning what it’s about, how to transfer into the field and generally what it’s about.

Our Feature pictures will be based on disciplines that use Data science. This weeks is Aquaponics.

Return of GirlGeekDinners

Also coming back in ‘the real’ on the 24th of February courtesy of scottlogic.

Scott Logic
A Problem Solving Toolkit or Why we’re much more useful than we think we are!

Laura Warren talks us through how she’s tackling problems and navigating a non-linear career in tech.

Laura Warren
Laura Warren

Laura Warren has developed the concept of a Problem Solving Toolkit which enables her to apply experiences outside of technical roles to the challenges she’s encountered as a Developer.  As she re-launches herself as a Business Analyst on an upcoming assignment, she’d like to share how this approach has enabled her to forge a non-traditional career path, through recounting personal stories and experiences.

Check out our event page for joining details.

Enterprising Women 2.0 Showcase 15 February, 6-7 pm

SETsquared Bristol are delighted to showcase 18 women-led startups that have been supported by the Natwest funded Enterprising Women 2.0 Pre-Incubation programme. The programme helps innovative early stage women-led businesses access elements of SETsquared’s world-class business support and work towards commercialisation.    

All are invited to tune in for this live streamed pitching event to find out more about the progression of this diverse cohort of exciting startups, from health tech to sustainability solutions.

Please book here – Register to attend @SETsquared_Br’s #EnterprisingWomen showcase, a live streamed pitching event on 15 February, celebrating the progress of 18 exciting #startups from our cohort, with businesses ranging from #healthtech to #greentech

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

It was last week on the 11th – whoops, sorry we missed it (as you can see we are busy setting up events). Heres and interesting piece though about why we exist and why you should join us:

Women accounted for one in three (33%) researchers in 2018. They have achieved parity (in numbers) in life sciences in many countries and even dominate this field, in some cases. However, women remain a minority in digital information technology, computing, physics, mathematics and engineering. These are the fields that are driving the digital revolution and so, many of the jobs of tomorrow.

Free Online Robotics Courses

Robot Learning (about people?)

Shamelessly ‘borrowed’ from this Asian robotics website (someones spent some serious time finding these by the look of it):

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Its Half-term this week so a bit scarce on the events front

PHP UK Conference february 16th – 18th 2022

The largest dedicated PHP event in Europe, PHP UK welcomes hundreds of leading developers to London for three days of workshops, talks, networking and socials. Join us for an event packed with up-to-date content about PHP development and related technologies in a comfortable and professional setting.

ICETISRS 2022: 16. International Conference on Education, Technology Integration and Student Response Systems February 15-16, 2022

International Conference on Education, Technology Integration and Student Response Systems aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Education, Technology Integration and Student Response Systems.

NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum 2022|Shaping the Techade: The New Now and the Next 17th of February

NASSCOM flagship conference, “NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum” (NTLF) Asia’s biggest platform brings together global leaders, influencers, start-ups, and analysts to discuss and celebrate the impact of technology in shaping our future. The forum witnesses more than 1,500 delegates and top leaders from across the world.

Roundtable for Embedding standards and pathways across the cyber profession by 2025 Consultation 17th of February
Others coming up that we have spotted you can find here.

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