Gender disparity in computing

Interesting Insights

We found this piece this week of interest – it’s a key piece of research and we really need to involve the whole of industry to fix it. (apologies for a picture of a guy with an iPad as its theirs). You can download the research on the link!

Key findings

  • 70% of employers anticipate a shortage, with almost a quarter (24%) expecting it to greatly impact their recruitment
  • The greatest shortages will be felt in Yorkshire (73%), London (62%) and the North (55%)
  • According to CTOs, Cyber Security (56%), BI & Data Management (41%) and Software Development (35%) are the most sought after skills this year.
  • Two-thirds (36%) of technology hiring managers believe the recruitment process takes too long, with more than a quarter (27%) facing competition for candidates who receive multiple job offers
  • Nearly 8 in 10 technology candidates search for their next opportunity on online job boards, however only 28% of employers are currently adopting this recruitment strategy
  • More than half of employers find candidates lack the right technical skills necessary for technology positions
  • Over 20% of technology employers highlight they need to encourage more females into the sector

Candidate of the Week

Job hunting Robot

Job: Software Engineer

Experience: Systems Engineer, Rolls-Royce account, HP Enterprise Services UK Ltd,Digital Officer, Web Officer, Freelance Web Developer, MSc Information Technology, BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences

Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React, WordPress, Drupal, TerminalFour, Python, Pandas, Flask, Java, C, VBScript, Git, Github, C++, Linux, SQL, Ruby, Unix, Agile, Fortran, Harvest, UML

Jobs of the Week

These are from companies working with us and really keen to be inclusive on the gender diversity front


You will be a senior software engineer with a interest in moving into an exciting start up and helping build its technology to enable it to become word leading in the Fintech investment sector. 

Senior Devops Engineer

We are looking for an enthusiastic and experience Senior Devops Engineer to be an influential member of our growing Cloud Ops and Developer Enablement (CODE) team

QA Engineer

We are looking for a talented QA Automation Engineer to join our amazing team and work on a range of exciting products.

Software Engineer (Java)

You’ll contribute to all aspects of the development life cycle with the majority of your time devoted to design and coding in Java

Chief Technology Officer / VP Engineering

This key appointment will be responsible for delivery of the overall technical architecture, road map and efficacy of the solution in the hands of our MSP partners and their SME clients.

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Stuff we spotted and thought we would pass on in case you missed it

We may not need all those fancy disinfecting robots after all

“I actually do not think these devices are of much use in fighting the pandemic,” he explained over email. “Hospitals are the only possible places where they might be helpful.”. 

MIT Technology Review:
These drone photos show urban inequality around the world

From Mumbai, to Silicon Valley, to Long Beach, California, this drone photography project illuminates scars in the urban fabric.

BBC Tech News:
Robotic arm harvests apples and other technology news

LJ Rich looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week including:

  • Ride-haling firm Lyft sells its self-driving business to Toyota – for $550 million (£395m, € 454m)
  • A drone capable of carrying three separate loads takes to the skies
  • A robotic arm which uses artificial intelligence to identify and pick apples is developed at Monash University

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