GirlGeek Dinners & Workshop Wednesdays are back


Girl Geek Dinners, Workshop Wednesday and WordPress freelancer needed

Workshop Wednesdays are back

It’s been a great break but we’re back this week with our regular Workshop Wednesdays on the 11th, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all. Obviously having a break is great but seeing your lovely faces is something that makes us happy so pop along and say hi if you have some time.

We’ll also have a chat about the offerings as it will be great to advertise the specific workshops with a few more details. If you’re new to tech then it may suit you to learn to set up your own website for example? It’s a good option for using as a showcase for all your talents as you build up your skills – also a great idea for anyone wanting to transfer within their career. Other options are learning to use git/CS50 free BootCamp, Data science and machine learning, python and basically anything that anyone is willing to share with one another. We set up the place and get the drinks in and you can all sort out what you want to do – that’s the plan!

Girl Geek Dinners


We’re back on it and have some irons in the fire as the saying goes and we have a date with Forgerock on the 26th, sign up via meetup. We’re waiting to confirm the speaker Bio etc but it will be about a journey into tech and there will be a lovely lot of networking with food and drink, what’s not to love? We’re in talks with a chip company for our February event and will be inviting companies to host on the March one. If anyone has a company that would like to host a meetup then feel free to get them to mail us on

GGD Poster

How to Rank on Google

Spotted this site which has a 25-Step Master SEO Checklist which we thought might be of use to any of you out there looking to get a better google ranking.

In truth, there are thousands of articles, guides, and tutorials published about SEO every year. Most of these guides are either very introductory or broad, or go to the opposite end of the spectrum and cover a very specific topic.

Virtually none show you how to rank a webpage, start-to-finish.

What’s needed is a guide or blueprint. To be helpful, we need a step-by-step checklist for ranking a page starting from an idea, all the way to traffic pouring into your Google Analytics account.

Our Candidates

If you are interested in any of our candidates please get in touch with us at to discuss. If any of you are looking for jobs then feel free to send us your requirements and we can put you on our candidate list.

Job(s) of the Week

There are some top jobs from our clients wanting to make a difference and ensure that they reach out to recruit a more diverse workforce. Please check out all of the jobs on our jobs board and get in touch if you want to reach out to our members at

WordPress Developer Needed!

We are looking for a WordPress developer to create a conference landing page. The conference (Creativity, Knowledge, Cities) is in March 2023 and we need a website up and running as soon as possible, but definitely before the end of January. 

We have some branding and are looking for someone to help with the design/architecture of the site. Ticket sales will be processed separately through the university’s online store – so just need a website to give information on the speakers & schedule, that links to the online store.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email

Our Events

*Note: We will take a break over Xmas and be back in the New year on the 11th of January for Workshop Wednesday Hack night with codehub is back on the 3rd January

We collaborate with various groups to run workshops and hack nights, upcoming events are below.

Bi-Weekly we run Workshop Wednesdays in collaboration with CodeHub

For details check out our WW page here.

Hack Night
CodeHub Logo

On alternate Tuesday evenings there is Code Hubs’ Hack Night by CodeHub Bristol • Bristol and Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol • Bristol currently this is online only, although there is talk of going back live so if you are a venue wanting to host please get in touch.

Girl Geek Dinners (Bristol and Bath)

Check out the coming events on our dedicated page – pop along and support the organisers as it takes work to run these things and it’s great to find a supportive network.


Not a lot of conferences this week but we have updated our page so you can check out the ones coming up this week Conferences.

The 4th UK Robot Manipulation Workshop 12th January 2023

Around 150 members of the UK’s robot manipulation community, from both academia and industry will come together for a range of talks, tutorials, poster sessions, lab tours, and networking events. The workshop is designed around community building.

Treasure Hacks January 13-15, 2023

A community for students in computer science. Our goal is to create a network of aspiring developers and industry professionals, so that your hackathon projects into professionally-developed and marketable applications.

As a suggestion from one of our lovely members (Thanks Gabs #1!), we have also set up a “buymeacoffee” page for those wanting to give us a small thank-you. Check it out here.

Women’s Tech Hub products

The candidates page advertises the skillsets of the women we have looking for roles in the area (and some of our male allies).

Jobs Board for those wanting to advertise specifically to our members in the area – check it out here.