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Happy New Year & the State of the industry for women in tech

We hope you all had a wonderful break and managed to overindulge with friends and family. Welcome to the new year and here’s hoping it will be a year filled with great people, friends and enjoyable jobs. We have some plans for Workshop Wednesday activities and a website redesign coming up so lots to keep an eye out for.

State of the industry for women in tech

We’ve had a look around to see what the summary is on the state of the industry for including women and decided it was best for you to take a look yourselves. We know its a great industry and its worth understanding a bit about the issues it faces as it tries to fix its glaring adversity issue and also what some of the working solutions are out there. Note there are some very common themes coming across in all of these (see if you can spot them!)

Barriers for Women in Tech infographic from women in tech

Key in this analysis are the findings that having key allies, support and mentorship are critical.

From Finances online: 52 Women in Technology Statistics: 2022 Data on Female Tech Employees

Highlights that girls are still not taking stem careers, Georgia has the highest number of women in STEM (we have found this common in ex eastern block countries), and also highlights the wage disparity and drop out rates of women in tech industry notably lack of support and career progression shows highly here.

From Computer Weekly: Top 10 women in tech and diversity in tech stories of 2022

Some key points:

From WEF: Global Gender Gap Report 2022

We’ll leave you to wade through these slightly depressing figures (clue – nordic countries are best to live in for women) and a key point:

Based on data from the LinkedIn platform, women are under-
represented in six of the eight micro-clusters with the
highest employment growth rate (people and culture,
content production, marketing, sales, specialized
project managers, data and AI, engineering and cloud

From Women who tech: The State of Women In Tech and Startups

This is turning out to be some depressing reading – but knowledge is power so all worth a read.

  • Women founders continue to be harassed at alarming rates.
  • 41% of women founders who were harassed experienced sexual harassment.
  • Women of color founders were harassed more by investors.
  • 40% of women founders who experienced harassment said they were harassed by an investor.
  • Nearly 50% of women founders were told they would raise more money if they were a man.
  • The majority of men founders say there has been a positive impact since the #MeToo movement. Women founders feel the exact opposite.
  • 48% of women working in tech experienced harassment compared to 11% of men.
  • 43% of women in tech who said they were harassed were sexually harassed.
  • Women in tech aren’t reporting the harassment they experience to senior leadership at the same rate as they have previously.
  • 70% of women in tech say they have been treated differently at work due to their gender, compared to 11% of men in tech.
Exploding Topics: 74+ Shocking Women In Tech Statistics (2023)
  • Women currently hold only 26.7% of tech-related jobs.
  • Tech firms with more than 10,000 employees report women’s representation at 26.2%.
  • The percentage of women in all tech-related careers has actually decreased over the last 2 years.
  • Women in software engineering report a lack of equal pay, making 0.93 cents for every dollar that men in the field make.
  • Despite equal access, the percentage of women pursuing STEM subjects in higher education is on the decline, and women achieve just 18% of new computer sciences degrees.
  • Companies that implement voluntary gender equality training for recruitment practices, hire fewer women than companies that implement mandatory training.
  • More than 50% of women in tech report gender inequality, discrimination, or sexual harassment in male-dominated environments.
  • In prior years, women have received as little as 2% of all investment funds in a given year and receive far less global venture capital funding than male entrepreneurs.
  • Pandemic conditions are among the more significant challenges women face, with over 50% of women reporting difficulties due to pandemic workplace changes.
  • Companies that perform intersectional pay audits hire women at 1.3 times the rate of other companies.
Women tech network: 100 Women in Tech Leaders To Watch in 2023

To cheer you up we thought we’d link through to some amazing women that are succeeding!

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