Happy New Year (and what a year!)

A Big Happy New Year to you all and a round-up of all the great things we’ve been up to this year!

Tech³Shed Careers Fairs

We ran two super-inclusive careers fairs and would like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors for their support with our Tech³Shed incentive. These were all about having a truly engaged and inclusive place for companies to come and meet not only women looking for work but those wanting to know more about a career in Tech. Thanks to our sponsors:

  • Altran
  • BUD systems
  • Cookpad
  • Deloitte Digital
  • Desklodge
  • Esoterix
  • Graphcore
  • Jump Trading
  • KETL
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Newicon
  • Quadrotech
  • Scott Logic
  • Sparkol
  • Tech Talent Academy
  • The Growth Hub
  • Tumelo
  • UltraSoc
  • Women in Cyber Academy
  • Xavier Analytics

Careers Support

Free Three Fridays

Women: we moved our Free Free Fridays to be much more Career support based, helping, as much as we could support those members of ours who were looking to move, return or change careers. Through this, we have managed to see many of our members get great new jobs and/or careers.

To extend this we now include a Jobsboard and also a candidate page so we can offer up our members to companies looking for diverse candidates.


Workshop Wednesdays

We Started our Workshop Wednesdays to host Workshops and peer to peer-supported learning and added an option to sponsor them and engage /run workshops. We have also partnered with our great Pals at Codehub bristol which mixes it up a bit – We’d like to say a massive thanks to both Desklodge and our supportive members for running the workshops. Our sponsors to date:

  • Desklodge
  • Toumetis

We will announce this years sponsors as they come – if you want to support these then please see our Workshops Page here.

Girl Geek Dinners events

Thanks to all of the Bristol Girl Geek Dinner sponsors

Highlights of the year:

  • GGD #72 GirlGeekDinners @Graphcore
  • GGD #73 Helen LLoyd from Xavier is speaking!
  • GGD #74 GirlGeekDinners & Support at the ACCU sponsored by Bloomberg
  • GGD #75 Smart usability testing on a budget and upskilling with JustEat
  • GGD #76 Digital Exclusion and Double Diamonds with BJSS
  • GGD #77 Data Management and Security – a partnership with Lloyds Bank
  • GGD #78 CAV and Safety hosted by Scott Logic
  • GGD #79 User Experience in AR by Viki Johnson – sponsored by Cookpad

We’d also like to say a big thanks to Fran for taking over Bath Girl Geek Dinners and thanks to their sponsors.

Their Years summary:

  • BGGD Reloaded #5 – Ideas and Ideals: Project management meets Start Up Reality
  • BGGD Reloaded #6 – Success and Failures
  • BGGD Reloaded #7 – Mayden Academy Special
  • BGGD Reloaded #8 – Let’s talk about AI
  • BGGD Reloaded #9 – Let’s talk about Bias
  • BGGD Reloaded #10 – Anthropology + Technology AND Networking

This Week’s happenings

District 1 – Bristol

Monday the 6th

Tuesday the 7th

Wednesday the 8th

Thursday the 9th

Friday the 10th

District 1 – Bath

Monday the 6th

Wednesday the 8th

Saturday the 11th

Did we miss anything?

If you have any events that you want us to mention on our next Blogpost contact us on info@wthub.org. We do try to keep it to free or funded items that our members might relate to.