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Never thought it would come to this: Data Science MSc Event

Saturday October 16, 2021 is our Data Science MSc Open Day. There’ll be a limited number for the live event but we will run it as a hybrid event for those unable to make it. Also big apologies for those of you that didn’t get the link between the title and the featured picture (you may need to ask your parents!).

Talking Data

Back this week: Microsoft Data Engineering – Panel Q&A by Data Bristol • Bristol

Data Bristol

Online Q&A with an expert panel of Microsoft MVP data engineers to find out the latest about the Microsoft Data Platform and ask your questions.

Panelists: Simon Whiteley, Craig Porteous, Heini Ilmarinen and Cathrine Wilhelmsen
Welcome back to Data Bristol! We are looking forward to in-person events, but until we can host them, we will do some online events to touch base with you all and catch up with some of our awesome speakers.

A weekly dose of free stuff

One of our regular members and speakers and her friend have set up a great set of resources that we think may be of interest to you all. It’s called Free stuff Friday and you can signup for the newsletter here and for those of you not wanting to sign up we can share any stuff that we think may be of particular interest to you all.

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Our Candidates

If you are interested in any of our candidates please contact us at to discuss. If any of you are looking for jobs then feel free to send us your requirements and we can put you on our candidate’s list…

For companies looking please check out our current candidates here

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Jobs of the Week

There are some top jobs from our clients wanting to make a difference and ensure that they reach out to recruit a more diverse workforce. Please take a look and contact them if you are interested as often companies are open to discussing other openings with potential candidates also. Check out all of the jobs on our jobs board and get in touch if you want to reach out to our members at

Our Events

Currently changing the format of Workshop Wednesdays, we’re planning on moving to more towards skills presentations and drop-ins to get support for projects, networking and chats for some of the newer members interested in getting into the industry. We’ll advertise these as they come, there’ll be the first series on Object Oriented programming in Python and using classes. Bear with us while we write it all up. Don’t forget to pop into the hack nights also Hack Night and Hack Night @CodeHub.


SD in Gov September the 16th – 17th

The original international community event for anyone involved in designing and commissioning public services.

IOT Tech Expo September the 13th – 15th

The world-leading IoT conference & event series will arrive at the Business Design Centre on the 6-7 September and virtually from the 13-15 September 2021 to host its fifth annual Global event.

International Conference on Software Technology 2021 september the 17th – 18th

ST 2021 will be the most comprehensive conference focused on the various aspects of advances in Software Technology. Our Conference provides a chance for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in the area of Software Technology.

As a suggestion from one of our lovely members (Thanks Gabs #1!), we have also set up a “buymeacoffee” page for those wanting to give us a small thank-you. Check it out here.

Women’s Tech Hub products

Candidates page advertises the skillsets of the women we have looking for roles in the area (and some of our male allies).

Jobs Board for those wanting to advertise specifically to our members in the area – check it out here.

Engage with our members, advertise your companies, and share any jobs then you can support us by sponsoring the Workshop Wednesdays – details here.