KETL are coming to our party!

a.k.a Tech³Shed inclusive careers fair

Not quite a party but we have almost 600 tickets sold (well they’re free!) for the Bristol tech Fair already and that includes our Tech Careers fair. We’re really chuffed that KETL are coming along as they were our first ever sponsor and we simply love the team. They have a new Data management service/product thing called Clekt and these are THE data lovers so worth going along for a chat with them while they are available!

For anyone wanting to come & meet companies whether you are currently skilled and looking, returning after a career break or simply tech-curious then this is the Fair for you. You are all welcome to come for FREE .. signup here on Eventbrite.

If you are a company wanting to engage or recruit then please mail us at sponsorship includes a year’s membership of Women’s Tech Hub and Jobs board and the prices are on the Tech³Shed website.

Workshop Wednesday

This week’s Workshop Wednesdays is sponsored by Toumetis again check out all the workshops here.

Toumetis: Real-life problem solving with data (2nd of 2 sessions)

Description: this workshop will give an introduction to analysis of time series data. We will import, preprocess, visualise, and explore a dataset, before discussing and trying out modelling approaches. This is the kind of project that could be part of a portfolio for Data Scientists.

Requirements: basic knowledge of Python; general understanding of the idea of neural networks (for example, see

Other Stuff

We advertise any conference details we spot on our conference page – we’ll give you highlights here (our events and ones with offers come first and loudest obviously!)

Bristol Tech Fair 2019 November the 9th

The ‘networked self’ final dissemination event: Building a network of gende… December the 4th

This Week’s happenings

District 1 – Bristol

Monday the 23rd

Tuesday the 24th

Wednesday the 25th Ours!

Wednesday the 25th (Other)

Thursday the 26th

Friday the 27th

Saturday the 28th

District 2 – Bath

Friday the 27th

Saturday the 28th

District 3 – Weston-Super-Mare

Wednesday the 25th

Did we miss anything?

If you have any events that you want us to mention on our next Blogpost contact us on We do try to keep it to free or funded items that our members might relate to.