Living la Vida lockdown

2nd Wave lockdown blues? On the plus side for parents who were furloughed last time with their children at home .. schools open, so not all bad news and its also nice not to have a commute in the current cold weather. Plus time to upskill – check out the training page for affordable ways to do it. If you’re looking for a Job however as yours has come to an end check out some of the new Jobs on offer on our Jobs Board or get on our candidate’s board and we’ll keep you updated.

#GiveNTech Campaign

On the subject of the lockdown and what it uncovered this year, we are fully behind Digilocals #GiveNTech campaign to get old laptops to disadvantaged children. Also considering that Christmas parties are tax-deductible and we’re unlikely to be seeing many of those this year, why not swap it for another tax-deductible option of giving to a charity to help children have access to tech.

Digilocal logo

DigiLocal is working with a number of partners across the region to provide re-conditioned laptops for vulnerable families. If you have a laptop that is no longer needed for your purposes, there may be a family that would greatly value it for online schooling, accessing social support, etc.

Other news this week there is the

The Finding Ada Conference

The Finding Ada Conference is a fully online global conference for women in STEM and advocates for gender equality. It will be held on Tuesday 10 November, beginning at 9am in Wellington, New Zealand, and ending 29 hours later at 5pm on the West Coast of America.

We have a variety of talks and workshops with live Q&As, interviews and panel discussions with speakers from around the world available to watch as they are streamed. Whether you are a woman in STEM who wants to develop her career, a business leader or HR exec, an educator or parent, or an advocate or community organiser, we are running sessions for you.

and the Bristol Technology Festival.

Our pick of the week on that one would be:

Online tools for better innovation and virtual collaboration by the Bristol Innovators’ Group

BIG logo

Join the Bristol Innovators’ Group to learn about some of the best digital tools for helping you and your organisation to innovate better – we’ll showcase some of our favourite platforms and demonstrate how they can add value and bring teams together during this time of remote working. We’re also keen to open up the conversation and get your thoughts on what works well and what doesn’t, as well as discuss some best practice. Click Here To Register

Workshop Wednesday

Will next be back this week on the21st of November – sign up here for the following workshops:

PyLAB, Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning & WebDev101

and a talk…

Approaching app security from a hackers perspective by Matt Brunt

Much in the same way that to secure a house it helps to know how to break-in, knowing how to attack our systems will help us secure them. You have a lot of data in your organisations. Whether you think it’s sensitive or not, it has value. Whether an attacker wants data for profit, a grudge, or just for fun we need to ensure that we don’t just leave the door open for them to take what they want.

CodeHub Hacknight this week has Steve talking Regular Expressions – sign up here.

Manic Mondays is open for anyone wanting to catch up as always – signup here.

Stuff we spotted and thought we would pass on

Virgin Galactic to fling ship into space again

From the great headline writers at the register … In Brief Those anxiously anticipating the moment Richard Branson gets strapped into his space-jalopy and sent on a sub-orbital lob may not have much longer to wait if the latest emission from Virgin Galactic is anything to go by. The company is expecting the first rocket-powered test flight of VSS Unity from its new home at New Mexico’s Spaceport America to occur between 19 and 23 November ahead of kicking off commercial operations.

This we simply found amusing and also pretty accurate! Popular app T&Cs ‘longer than Harry Potter’

Some other stuff that we found interesting…

Tech to spot sailor’s mood in tough race

A body-measuring suit which helps fit clothes remotely

China sends ‘world’s first 6G’ test satellite into orbit

This gesture control tech lets you control robots by pointing — Future Blink


Data Science Festival November (all month!)

Unlike physical conferences where you can end up sitting through content you just don’t need, Data Science Festival 2020 is delivered entirely online. Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to transform your learning and business, or catch them all. It’s up to you!

ODI Summit 2020 10th November

In light of recent global events, discussions around data sharing – and how we use that data – are more critical than ever. For this is the time for decision, the future’s already arrived.

The ODI Summit is the ODI’s flagship event, bringing people from a broad range of sectors, backgrounds and countries together to discuss critical issues around the future of data. Join over 1000 attendees to enjoy an exciting line-up of keynotes, high-profile speakers, interactive panels, roundtables, performances, taster workshops and demos exploring key themes about the future of data.

The event has keynotes from the ODI’s co-founders, inventor of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee and artificial intelligence expert Sir Nigel Shadbolt and the ODI’s Vice President, Jeni Tennison.

Bristol Technology Festival 9th – 13th of November

Bristol Tech Fest

Bristol’s Technology Festival was born in 2019 seeking to showcase the sheer breadth of technology that had been developed in the local ecosystem, and share the stories of those entrepreneurs, engineers and creatives behind the technology with the people of the city, and further afield. It seeks to destroy any barriers between technology businesses, their suppliers, educational and charity organisations and the residents of the community that they live and work in.

Computer Vision Festival 10th – 12th of November


Accelerating industries with the value of vision : the world’s only online festival dedicated to Computer Vision. 35+ speakers, 6 stages & bonus content spread over 3 days. To make sure you get the most out of #CVfest

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