Meet Advancing Analytics & join up for Net Zero week

Advancing Analytics at our Career Fair

28th April 2022

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While we cross the T’s and dot the i’s with some of the great companies coming to our event we’d like to welcome on board Advancing Analytics. Anna-Maria Wykes, one of our lovely members and a speaker at the conference will be on hand to tell you what a great company they are to work for.

Advancing Analytics

Advancing Analytics

Advancing Analytics are Data Science & Data Engineering Experts and work on:

  • Advisory in the area, defining company strategies and roadmaps.
  • Delivering the right Advanced Analytics platform first time, on-time and under budget and
  • Educating with their instructor-led training courses in their unique Agile approaches

Check out their page here.

Companies attending you can see as we add them on our Careers Companies List page – their jobs are on their linked pages.

The lineup of speakers and agenda for the day you can find on our Data Science Conference page.

BSI Net-Zero Week

How standards for sustainable finance can accelerate the net zero transition – 25th April

The financial sector can play a unique role in mobilizing capital to facilitate the transition to net zero, but needs greater integrity to build trust in financial products and related services. This webinar will explore the drivers of change, and how standards can help the industry adopt and demonstrate the principles of sustainable finance, so accelerating the necessary market transformation.

Decarbonizing transport: achieving a good consumer experience in the transition to electric vehicles – 26th of April

We’re going to engage with the issues and challenges that consumers face when making the transition to electric vehicles (EVs). We’ll look at what’s driving policy and the other initiatives that aim to improve the consumer experience of charging EVs on the public network, including the introduction of the upcoming PAS 1899 to support more accessible charge point design.

The role of energy standards in supporting net zero outcomes and innovation 26th of April

This session will explore the latest net zero commitments and developments impacting the energy sector, including challenges, solutions, key learnings, action points and the role of standards in enabling the sector’s net zero journey.

The role of innovation in helping the built environment achieve net zero – 27th of April

This session will update the sector on the latest developments helping the built environment achieve net zero, specifically:

  • The concrete industry’s route map to net zero and the role of new materials
  • How the revision to PAS 2080 on carbon management is incorporating new thinking
  • The latest developments on how new energy efficiency products can be included in funded whole-house retrofits and standards

Net Zero in the food sector – 27th of April

BSI’s Net Zero Week provides a multi-sectoral view of the collective challenges that must be met for the UK to reach our net zero carbon emissions target by 2050. This session looks at current challenges for the food sector around performance, and outlines some key initiatives towards achieving net zero in the food chain.

Towards Net Zero – Transition to Net Zero in the Healthcare Sector – 28th of April

The health and care system in England is responsible for an estimated 4 – 5 per cent of the country’s carbon footprint – so has a major role to play in supporting the net zero target. The NHS has therefore committed to reaching net zero as soon as possible.

As part of BSI’s Net Zero Week, this webinar will explore several areas critical to carbon reduction in healthcare. Presentations will be followed by a roundtable discussion and Q&A.

The role of data and cyber-physical systems in achieving net zero – 28th of April

This webinar explores the vital role that accurate, trustworthy and shared data plays in informing sustainability-related decisions, and how connecting digital technologies with physical infrastructure (sometimes called cyber-physical systems, or cyber-physical infrastructure) can translate this into reduced CO2 emissions.

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Job(s) of the Week

There are some top jobs from our clients wanting to make a difference and ensure that they reach out to recruit a more diverse workforce. Please take a look and contact them if you are interested as often companies are open to discussing other openings with potential candidates also. For now, check out all of the jobs on our jobs board and get in touch if you want to reach out to our members at

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We’re back this week Workshop Wednesday at Desklodge – a place to chill, hang out with old and make new friends, Theres always one who has the same specialist interest – and some great support and workshops to boot (plus free drinks). Details here and sign up to one of the following:

Data Science Conference & Career Fair
April the 28th @ The Watershed, Central Bristol

If you want to be there to recruit then please mail us on If you are wanting to find out about a career in Data then signup via our page here.

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ACCU Conference 2022 – 6th – 9th of April

ACCU 2022 logo

The return of the great ACCU Conference in Bristol. Taking place across four days, ACCU is the conference for all those interested in native languages and professionalism in programming. As in previous years, two of the five streams will focus purely on C++.

QCon London 4th – 6th of April

International software development conference: QCon London brings together the world’s most innovative senior software engineers across multiple domains to share their real-world implementation of emerging trends and practices to help you make the right decisions.

Others coming up that we have spotted you can find here.

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