Meet our new candidate of the week

Candidate of the week

After some discussions in the early days of Women’s Tech Hub we found out that many of our members do not have linkedIn profiles. We were interested to find out why, so after some preliminary research i.e. we asked them why they didn’t use the platform, we came to the conclusion that they mainly saw it as a job search site. They feared that being on it whilst in a job may make it appear to their company that they were looking to leave and therefore risk their job security.

We were then asked by a company why the men were on linkedIn, to which we said “do you want to google that or shall we do that for you?” (we can be a bit sarcastic at times when we feel that getting us to google something when they can’t be bothered is akin to asking us to make the tea). The answer we came back with, after yet again not a very thorough or convincing piece of research, was that the men said they liked their boss to know that they are always available for other opportunities as it makes their bosses value them and pay them a competitive rate.

So there we have it – a non-exhaustive or very wide-ranging not really research questioning basically informed us that women would prefer an anonymised version of LinkedIn hence our candidate’s page was born. They may have mentioned something negative about annoying recruiters and being hit on also btw, but the anonymity solves that too.

We’ve decided that we want to start showing off about the great women we have as members who are looking to change companies/careers/city or returning to the industry after a family career break. So here’s this weeks Candidate of the week

Black Lab
Candidate picture replaced with random Dog pic .. cute isn’t it?

Mid Level (Experienced)

Job Requirement: Product Design, UX Design

Background: Bachelor of Design in Product Design, 5 years product design including: Product design, UX design, Industrial design, Interaction design, Systems design, Packaging design, Design research

Skillset: Low and High Fidelity Prototyping, 2D and 3D visualisation; Rhinoceros 3D, KeyShot, Adobe CC – (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Premiere Pro), Figma, SketchBook

If you are interested in speaking to the candidates we do charge a 5% recruitment fee which helps us as a social enterprise manage and pay for all the stuff we do.

Talking about all the stuff we do …

GirlGeekDinners is this week!

Thursday the 29th of April – details on our page. Sign up on the Bristol GGD #83 Life in the Data Highway or Bath BGGD Reloaded #14 – Life in the Data Highway. Girlgeekdinners page.

Live in the data highway

The speakers are:

  • Anna Wykes on Data Engineering for Data Scientists.
  • Jennifer Chakravarty, Jenny is a brand-new data scientist, she will talk about applying for jobs in data science as a newbie, deciphering job ads and finding her feet.
  • Tori Tomkins will talk about her experience as a Data Consultant.

There’s also a panel discussion on The Good The Bad and the downright ugly with some set questions and Q & A from the members about experiences working in the industry as a woman

Women Tech Founders is coming back!

Start Up Rocket

Apologies for being a bit quiet here but we’ve been talking to YTKO about their North & East Bristol Business Support and how we can partner with them.

They support all companies looking to set up a company and offer business advice and support which can also include support for freelancers. As we have a lot of pre-incubator and early-stage startups we felt it would be a good partner for us to support those groups. We are putting some dates together to offer support and let our members know where they can get support.

The plan is :

• They’ll provide a series of events/meetings to provide our network with any free business support that you need
• The series will be monthly, 8 per year, excluding Easter, Summer and Christmas
• The first event will be held on 6th May, 6.30 – 7.30pm
• Format: introduction from Serrie, overview of NEBS from Sarah Ives, Q&A, feedback on format and what type of support that you would like to see at the next event

More details to follow…

We hope you can come along, find out what’s on offer and let us know what kind of support you would like. We are looking to support but this is about you not us so please come and let us know what you are looking for.
If you are at a later stage and are looking to help in some way either through mentoring other women or providing talks then please also pop along.
This group is for women only but the YTKO do also support men so we will be happy to signpost them.

Sign up here and you can join our Slack channel here.

Stuff we spotted and thought we would pass on in case you missed it

It’s frighteningly easy to trick Tesla Autopilot into working with an empty driver seat

Following a fatal Texas car crash on April 17, Consumer Reports decided to see if it could trick a Tesla into staying on Autopilot without someone in the driver’s seat, their hands on the wheel. With weights adding a little resistance to the steering wheel and the driver’s seat belt still buckled, the vehicle remained on Autopilot and kept driving. 

MIT Technology Review:
Stop talking about AI ethics. It’s time to talk about power.

We need to acknowledge both the politics and the physical impact that AI has on the planet, says scholar Kate Crawford in her new book.

BBC Tech News:
Cisco says computer chip shortage to last six months

The boss of networking giant Cisco has said the shortage of computer chips is set to last for most of this year. Many firms have seen production delayed because of a lack of semiconductors, triggered by the Covid pandemic and exacerbated by other factors.


Hack Night with CodeHub

You can pop along to the Hack nights which is much more of a drop in and runs the Tuesdays when we are not running Workshop Wednesdays.

This is a chance for anyone with an interest in programming and web development to code, share and learn from one another. Whether you are an experienced developer or just learning to code, interested in design or programming, you are more than welcome.

Sign up Hack Night @CodeHub or through Codehub Hack Night.

Unwind Wednesday
Unwind Wednesday

This Wednesday – Come and relax in our (so far) virtual Unwind café – this will be the first and we just want to see how it goes. The idea is to have a place for people in tech to talk and listen to what is going on for them – a bit like the ‘Frazzled Café’ started by Ruby Wax ( Sign up on Pilot – UnWind Wednesday with CodeHub or through Codehub UnWind Wednesday – they’re also running a Python Dojo on the same night btw Virtual Python Code Dojo

Workshop Wednesdays
Workshop Wednesday

Next Wednesday with WebDev101 project and PyLab. Details of each of the groups and what they are up to you can find on their respective pages PyLAB and WebDEV101. For our members wishing to catch up, we will also have Women Tech Hub members hang out for you. For more detailed chats and support, you can mail us at to arrange a 121.

There’s also an up-to-date list of this week’s events and future conferences on our pages.

Keep an eye on our jobs board as there are some seriously great purpose-driven companies looking to improve their inclusivity by reaching out to our members & candidates. If you are currently looking for a job or considering a move or simply interested in working in tech then feel free to mail us for a chat on


FINTECH FINANCE FORUM ONLINE 2021 April the 27th – 28th

FinTech World Forum 2021 ( is based in London UK Europe as one of leading fintech events 2020 for global financial services, finance and banking technology industry. Its focuses on Mobile Payments, Lending, Insurance, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Investment, Money, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Digital, Innovation, Wallet, Pensions, Funds, Payment, Tech, Financial Services, Technology, Bank, Wealth Management, Insurtech, Regtech and Wealthtech.

The Digital Healthcare Show April the 27th – 28th

  • DIGITAL INNOVATION & EMERGING TECHNOLOGY – Explore cutting edge innovation and gain insight into current usage and future potential for emerging technologies. Hear from the digital leaders homegrown and beyond.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE AND CYBER SECURITY – Cross sector pilots, city as a service, email and Wi-Fi rollouts, plus the opportunities and challenges around patient data. Showcasing hundreds of tried and tested solutions.
  • INTEGRATION AND INTEROPERABILITY – Data capture and Data Analytics is at the centre of driving improved outcomes in healthcare – we hear how intelligent use of data is already transforming services.
  • DATA ANALYTICS AND POPULATION HEALTH – What are the challenges faced by Primary Care/ CCG, Local Authority, Hospital Trust and City-wide initiatives that are driving integrated health and social care delivery.

5th ICSTR London– International Conference on Science & Technology Research April the 29th – 30th

Scientific and Technical Research Association (STRA) is an international community of researchers, practitioners, students and educationists for the development and spread of ideas in the field of science and technology.

This Week’s happenings have moved to our Events page

As a suggestion from one of our lovely members (Thanks Gabs #1!), we have also set up a “buymeacoffee” page for those wanting to give us a small thank-you. Check it out here.

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