Meet & Speak anyone?

Meet & Speak is finally coming to Bristol, this is an initiative that was set up by a couple of our members Fran and Karen and is especially to support Women wanting to know how to present and be heard. We know it can be daunting and their first meetup is called Crafting your elevator pitch and acknowledging your fear. This has been in the planning for a while and we’re very excited by it, it will also run is both Bristol and Bath.

  • In this session we will be crafting our own 30-60 second elevator pitch (so called because it can be delivered between two floors in a lift), a succinct summary of our background and experience.
  • We use a simple three-part structure to craft our introductions and practice saying it within the group.
  • Then, working in pairs, we dig a bit deeper to find out more about each other. Four key questions will help us to craft a more interesting and extensive bio (useful when applying for a speaking slot).
  • Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway.
  • After coffee and cake we will discuss how to acknowledge and channel our anxiety about public speaking.
  • This is the first of six monthly meetings which run on the first Wednesday of every month.

Our Careers fair is showing some great interest and we will be announcing in a variety of posts and other social media the great companies who are coming aboard. We will also announce the workshops, which will all be free and part of the fun, the website is and to sign up on eventbrite here .

News & Events coming up

We are partnered up with the OSP Cyber have 15% off the upcoming training full course details you can find here. The dates we have in the planning are

  • Data Protection & GDPR: One day awareness on 20th March
  • Data Protection & GDPR: Half Day HR awareness Course on the 21st March
  • Data Protection & GDPR: Half Day HR awareness Course on the 2nd April
  • Data Protection & GDPR: Half Day Marketing awareness Course on the 3rd April

Okay so we spotted this for the engineers amongst you (we’re going!) on Saturday 16th February RISC OS SouthWest Show 2019. You can spot the geekiness from the quality of their website!

Bath and Bristol GGD are in the planning so sign up for the next Bath GGD with RocketMakers on the 12th‌ February and Bristol GGD with Altran on the 27th Februar

Simpleweb are running another hacknight with us on March 7th sign up here on Simpleweb Challenge: Hack into Light!

This Weeks happenings

District 1 – Bristol

Monday the 28th Bristol and Bath Internet of Things IOT – interestingly entitled 15 – mid winter

Tuesday the 29th is Codehub’s Webdev101 and The Power of the Hashtag – Instagram Marketing for SME’s by getsetforgrowth.

Wednesday the 30th Bristol co-workers at the Prince street social, CodeHub’s Python Dojo , Ethical governance is essential to building trust in robotics and AI system and this looked quite interesting and just about within our Tech remit Technology and AI – TLT LLP BAME Law Student Commercial Awareness Series

Thursday the 31st Ladies that UX The art of Listening also for Business people 6 SIMPLE STEPS FOR BUSINESS GROWTH at ashton gate and for breakfast here is Bristol Pound January Business Breakfast.

District 2 – Bath

Still not spotting anything techy in Bath .. let us know if you know of anything

District 3 – Weston-Super-Mare

Thursday the 31st Weston Tech nights at The Stable

FreeThreeFridays & Other stuff

Our regular Friday, women only networking courtesy of Desklodge continues after the xmas break on the 11th January. Simply join up here F3F and  Womens Tech Jobs are available if you want to chat careers or training.

If you have any events that you want us to mention on our next Blogpost contact us on