New Engineering Diversity Initiative

During the week we spotted that the UKESF has pledged its support for Tomorrow’s Engineers Code – and, as we love the UKESF and all that it does, we took a look and signed up too. We know that as a group we mainly concentrate on the over 18’s but inevitably we have become involved in a project for the under 18’s that is very exciting and currently under construction (more about that later) so this simply makes sense for us. It may also make sense to some of you reading this so take a look and see if you should be signing up.

Launched in October 2020, the Tomorrow’s Engineers Code is a commitment to work toward common goals to increase the diversity and number of young people entering engineering careers.

We need to work harder than ever to ensure that engineering careers are accessible for this generation of young people – for their own life chances and so that we have a diverse and insightful workforce that enables the UK to thrive.  Join over 100 organisations who have pledged to work together through the Tomorrow’s Engineers Code and find more joined-up ways to help all young people understand and be inspired towards engineering careers.

Signatories of The Code make four pledges about their approach to funding, designing, delivering and learning from engineering-inspiration activities. If you are an organisation that funds or delivers engineering inspiration activities, join the Tomorrow’s Engineers Code.

To find out more, visit the Tomorrow’s Engineers website and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

Workshop Wednesday & Manic Monday

We’ll be back …..

.. literally in the new year. There’s a couple of changes going on as PyLab is being taken over by James Rennison due to Karthryns workload and James very kind offer.

WebDev101, with Rob Squires at the helm, have agreed that they will support the setting up of the Bristol Tech Fair Website. A massive shout out to Marija Sta, who with Rob’s direction/support put together the brilliant UX design and handed it over to the design team this week. A big thanks to Catherine Howard & Hannah Cryer for agreeing to use their new (and old) skillsets to work on this and give them some experience in Gatsby and React-based on our first discussion. Anyone interested in working on some components for their CV portfolios then join the WebDev101 chat on the codehub slack – all welcome.

Manic Mondays

We finally really are on a break, however, we’re always available on a one to one basis if you need to catch up, mail us on to arrange a time and day.

Stuff we spotted and thought we would pass on I case you missed it

Some Mashable Highlights:

Hyundai acquires robotics company Boston Dynamics in $1.1 billion deal

We seriously love Boston Dynamics so this will be interesting. Check out Spot here

NASA’s new Hubble images will blow your mind

Give the gift everyone wants: a hologram of yourself

MIT Technology Review:

Tiny four-bit computers are now all you need to train AI

Powerful neural networks could soon train on smartphones with dramatically faster speeds and less energy.

AI needs to face up to its invisible-worker problem

Machine-learning models are trained by low-paid online gig workers. They’re not going away—but we can change the way they work, says Saiph Savage.

How our data encodes systematic racism

Technologists must take responsibility for the toxic ideologies that our data sets and algorithms reflect.


Tech Tent: Breaking up Facebook

In a landmark lawsuit, US regulators have accused Facebook of buying up rivals in order to stifle competition. They have made it clear they will seek a drastic remedy – the sale of Instagram and WhatsApp. On this week’s Tech Tent we ask whether it is really likely that the social media giant’s empire will be dismantled.

Pornhub: Mastercard severs links with pornography site

Mastercard says it is ending the use of its cards on the pornography platform Pornhub after a review confirmed the presence of unlawful content.

Drone completes first freight flight to Isles of Scilly

It completed the 60-mile (97km) round trip, delivering an NHS supply box to St Mary’s airport.


Its the christmas break – enjoy some zzz’s 😴

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