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News In this week from the lovely CodeHub lot! Their mentorship programme is setting up to run again.

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“Since 2018, CodeHub Bristol has organised a twice-yearly Mentorship Scheme for those based in, or with connections to, Bristol. We are now launching the 2020 Autumn Scheme, which will run from the end of September 2020 for up to 4 months.
We invite you to join the scheme – either as a mentor or a mentee.
If you would like to participate, please complete the on-line forms by Monday, 7th September.

The success of the scheme rests on the willingness of more experienced CodeHub members to support and share their experience with those at the start of their technical careers. Without your time and voluntary commitment, the scheme would not be able to operate. We thank all those who have supported the scheme as a mentor and welcome all those who are willing to step forward this autumn.

What is the purpose of the scheme?
The scheme enables a person with less experience in a given field (mentee) to ‘tap into’ a helpful voice, so that their ambitions can be realised with more direction and more quickly than otherwise. At the same time, the mentor also gains from the experience as it provides a perfect environment to develop and practise listening and coaching skills – an opportunity that does not always exist in the workplace.

The goals of the scheme are specific to the mentee, for example they may want to find ways of developing their technical knowledge or may be looking for guidance on how to move into new areas of work. What is generally true is that, as a mentee, you will need to invest time and effort in the mentorship to get value out of it. You will need to be prepared for regular catch-ups and be willing to identify those areas on which you would like advice.

How does the scheme operate?
Aug: Those who are interested in participating, either as mentors or as mentees, fill out the relevant application forms by Monday, 7th September.

Draft guidelines for those participating can be found here: mentoring_guidelines
If you have any questions, please contact or via the CodeHub #mentoring Slack channel (”

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Stuff we spotted and thought we would pass on

Opportunity for UK Smart City Solution Providers to Pitch to ECCA Buyers

During London Technology Week the Department for International Trade are arranging a webinar on Smart City offerings in a post pandemic world. With an audience drawn from countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) UK companies have a unique opportunity to present their solutions.

The webinar programme will include:

  • Keynote by Judith Slater, HM Trade Commissioner for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Network (EECAN)
  • Presentation on UK Smart Cities offer in a post pandemic world, by Jawad Sardar, Future Cities and Prosperity Specialist, DIT
  • Pitching session by UK technology companies
  • B2B sessions and wider networking opportunity

We are looking for 10 UK Tech Companies, to take part in the pitching session, who have solutions in:

  • Data analytics & AI
  • Automation
  • Sensors
  • IoT applications and Communications Networks
  • Geospatial Technologies
  • Smart Transportation & Mobility
  • Smart Energy/ Environmental Monitoring
  • Waste Management
  • Urban Planning
  • Smart Governance

State of Social Enterprise Report

The State of Social Enterprise Report is the most comprehensive research undertaken into the state of the sector. It shows that social enterprises in the UK are thriving, outperforming their mainstream SME counterparts in nearly every area of business: turnover growth, workforce growth, job creation, innovation, business optimism, and start-up rates. They are also taking on the challenges posed by the triple threat of economic stagnation, social division and the climate emergency.

Introducing Visualization for Data Science and AI A half-day symposium online from the Alan Turing Institute

The fields of Data Science and AI generate involve processes and generate outputs that can be challenging for humans to understand. In many situations it is essential to understand and gain deep insights about these phenomena in order to make decisions in the real world. The role of Data Visualization in these situations is to enhance human cognition, providing faster and more accurate insights.

There is a real and growing gap between big data and the human ability to comprehend and act upon the analysis of that data. Research in the science and engineering of visualization needs to respond to this challenge in order that data and data products remain comprehensible to people. This one-day symposium will explore the latest science and engineering in Data Visualization, including a training workshop, demonstrations and presentations from leading UK researchers and innovators, and a forward-thinking keynote from an international speaker.


Why should businesses prioritize the upskilling of minorities in a post-COVID 19 society? It’s a topic I had the chance to explore and share some perspective on in my new VentureBeat article. Check it out and share your thoughts!


Nothing we spotted this week – we are in deepest, darkest holiday mode at the moment though, so take a break.

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We know that for many people and children the office and school can be their refuge so please be aware that in Bristol, Next Link domestic abuse telephone helplines are open 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday 0117 925 0680. Help is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the National Domestic Violence Helpline – Freephone 0808 2000 247.

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