Python Training (free!)

Python Training

Workshop Wednesdays in collaboration with CodeHub presents ….

“Do you want to learn Python – if so, come along to our pilot Python Workshop on Wednesday, 20th November.  We are starting a series of beginner workshops in the new year and, in the meantime, will be running a pilot workshop to trial our ideas and material.  Please come along to get some practical experience as well as having an opportunity to provide input to how we shape the course next year.”

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Meet & Speak returns with “How to craft your elevator pitch”

Meet & Speak Clubs are a supportive space for women to take to their feet and find their voice.

In this session we will be crafting our own 30-60 second elevator pitch (so called because it can be delivered between two floors in a lift), a succinct summary of our background and experience.

We use a simple three-part structure to craft our introductions and practice saying it within the group.

Then, working in pairs, we dig a bit deeper to find out more about each other. Four key questions will help us to craft a more interesting and extensive bio.

In line with Women’s Tech Hub we will be offering one free place at each workshop for the unwaged. Please message us if you are interested.

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We also had a message from SWmobile after we met with them recently

We are always keen to support other meetups who want to be more inclusive

It was great to meet last week, We at SWmobile have just announced our November meetup and line up and are keen to increase awareness of SWmobile as a place to come a chat about all things mobile. If you wanted to share this event with your communities that would be awesome no worries if not. We have code of conduct and happy to do a buddy system and/or have an easily accessible member(s) of the volunteer team to welcome newbies.