Skills shortage?

This week we are taking a look at some of the latest work culture initiatives that we’ve been spotting as well as some key insights into the industry, where the skills shortage is and what may be of interest to get into as a career. So first off, a key insight from IC-Resources highlights not only the worth of jobs in the engineering field but also the shortage.


Speak Out Revolution is a non-profit organisation founded in 2020, with a mission to cancel the culture of silence on harassment and bullying in our workplaces. We’re leveraging the lived experiences of those who have spoken out about workplace harassment and bullying so we can collectively, efficiently and intelligently tackle the fundamental challenge to creating truly inclusive workplaces for all.

There has been an increase in salaries across the board in software, due to high demand and todays’ buoyant market. We continue to see demand for candidates with experience (academic or commercial) in Embedded Software, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

The global demand for semiconductor skills has reached unprecedented levels. That’s great for the people in the industry, as the upward pressure on salaries is also unprecedented.

The electronics recruitment industry has continued to bounce back with a vengeance and has never been busier. Generalist Electronics Engineers are in high demand in almost every area of the UK. Specialist skills within Power, RF and FPGA are particularly sought after,

Economy and Shortages Affect the European Job Outlook

As is a little obvious – Electronics and semiconductors specialists are pretty heavily in demand currently and there’s a shortage of engineers available. The need for engineers is especially high in the United Kingdom. ”Just about every type of engineer with two years experience or more will find excellent opportunities”.

There are various articles out there discussing it and also incentives trying to fix it:

UKESF SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME: The UKESF are involved in supporting companies to train up the future workforce with its scholarship scheme.

STEM Returners, Leonardo UK launch a new electronics engineering jobs scheme as discussed in the electronics weekly magazine here.

The engineer’s article Semiconductor shortage: Use downtime to adopt digitalisation

iNews: UK labor shortage crisis will delay economic recovery from COVID pandemic

and the IET’s: Addressing the STEM skills shortage challenge

Other News this week


There are various articles out there looking at culture in the workplace and obviously, it’s of a lot of interest with the world returning albeit only partially to in-work working. With the change in life as we know it then maybe its a time to consider some of the historic workplace practises and whether or not they actually work.

Further on this theme – take a look at this incentive getting people to talk about in-work bullying and harassment:

Speak OUT Revolution

Our Mission.
To cancel the culture of silence on harassment and bullying in our workplaces across the UK.
We will empower the disempowered to speak out through The Speak Out Survey™, challenge the status quo by increasing transparency via The Speak Out Dashboard™ and advocate for organisational change.

And if you are looking for green incentives – this one is getting a lot of traction on change for good for the climate:

Action plan for the planet

What if the goal-setting techniques that powered the rise of today’s most innovative organizations were brought to bear on humanity’s greatest challenge? Fueled by a powerful tool called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), SPEED & SCALE offers an unprecedented global plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions before it’s too late. Used by Google, Bono’s ONE foundation, and thousands of startups the world over, OKRs have scaled ideas into achievements that changed the world. With clear-eyed realism and an engineer’s precision, Doerr identifies the measurable OKRs we need to reduce emissions across the board and to arrive by 2050 at net zero—the point where we are no longer adding to the heat-trapping carbon in the atmosphere.

Robotics RoadMap

Finally something a bit more techy: Silicon Valley Robotics in partnership with the Industrial Activities Board of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, is compiling an up to date resource list of various robotics, AIS and AI roadmaps, national or otherwise. This initiative will allow us all to access the best robotics commercialization advice from around the world, to be able to compare and contrast various initiatives and their regional effectiveness, and to provide guidance for countries and companies without their own robotics roadmaps.

Small (very small) Business support

The Sign for Small Coalition exists to support small businesses and ensure they get better support under the Government’s Help to Grow: Digital scheme. Worth checking out we think.

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The latest tech events we’ve spotted – there’s more coming up that you can find on our conference page.

7th International Conference on Cyber Security and Privacy (ICCS) 2021 Thu, Dec 9

The ICCS 2021 is an unparalleled opportunity to discuss cyberthreat analysis, operations, research, and law enforcement to coordinate various efforts to create a more secure world. The ICCS 2021 serves as a platform for researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and government to present, discuss, and exchange ideas that address real-world problems with security and privacy in communication networks.

Cyber Security Conference 2021 Thu, Dec 9

The event will welcome local and national guest speakers for a morning of:

  • Educational talks
  • Live demonstrations
  • An interactive Q&A panel

You don’t need to be an IT or security expert to attend. Just a will to protect your business from cyber threats.

Hardware Pioneers Max 2021 December the 9th

The show entirely dedicated to accelerating the success of all engineers and technical leaders who are developing B2B and B2C IoT devices.

Devternity December the 10th – 11th

DevTernity is the top 3 international software development conference in Europe. We focus on the core skills paramount to your success – coding, architecture, and leadership. Start preparing for the role of a software architect, engineering leader, or CTO today.

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