What a brilliant Summer it’s been!

Back to school time .. and catch up!

To be fair – we’ve been keeping pretty busy as ever planning some great things – we’ll give a quick rundown for those of you who have not been keeping a half eye on us whilst sitting by the pool/sea/up a mountain/on their boats .. or wherever you’ve all been!

First up we have FREE Introduction to Data Analytics for Ladies on Saturday the 7th September – this goes in with our theme on Data that we are currently looking to encourage members to look into. It’s currently on waitlist but if it goes well, we will try and run another one


Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol are hosting another super-inclusive Tech3Shed Careers Fair on Saturday 9th November 2019. This is a fantastic chance for companies to engage with our members and either recruit or advise them. All those that we here saying that they have no women apply – well come speak to them and find out why! For attendees we won’t let anyone go away from the event without at least having a chat with a company wanting to advise or support and if you come on your own our members will be there to make intros. Contact us on info@wthub.org or go to the sponsors page for details on Tech3Shed. Attendees please sign up on eventbrite (its free!)

The event is a collaborative one with Technotopia and the WISE Campaign to form Bristol Tech Fair and will be at Colston Hall, Bristol;  this will be a featured event at the first Bristol Technology Festival.

Workshop Wednesday is back with a serious spring in its step on the 11th September

Our Sponsors, yes we have one for the first two events so we can afford to feed you!

So Big thanks to Toumetis ” Toumetis is a leading provider of predictive analytics solutions for a smarter Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). “

They will also be running the first of 2 workshops at this one with Elena Hensinger who is a Data Scientist at Toumetis

Problem solving through data analysis

Questions that can be answered by analysing data exist everywhere, whether in work or life. This hands-on workshop will demonstrate the problem solving process of getting data, exploring it, visualising, analysing in order to answer some questions, and assessing the results. Participants will gain transferrable knowledge, along with some useful Python commands. For Beginners, career changers. No previous Python knowledge required.

We’ve publicised these others on the previous newsletter so pop back there for more details but this is the list

  • Ceri Newton – Agile in a (pistachio) nutshell: a brief introduction to Agile ways of working
  • JavaScript Self-Led Study Group
  • Women Tech Founders – Essentials of a business plan in raising bank funding – Session 2
  • Python Self-Led Study Group
  • Charity web design group

Other Stuff

We advertise any conference details we spot on our conference page – we’ll give you highlights here (our events and ones with offers come first and loudest obviously!)

Bath Girl Geek Dinners are on the 17th – more details next week

Bristol Girlgeek Dinners on the 19th @ Lloyds Bank .. details to follow too

Tickets for this year’s Tech Exeter Conference at Exeter University on 11th September are on sale now and one of our members (Tamsin Hodge) has managed to secure a 20% reduction on ticket prices as a thank you from organisers for hosting one of the tracks of talks.The conference is one of the key ones in our local digital community, bringing together speakers from across the South West with a particular focus on encouraging new speakers and women in tech to share their stories, and it has a really good vibe and very friendly welcome for all attendees. This year’s theme is security, hacking and development and if you’d like to attend you can get a 20% discount on ticket prices by using the following discount code: CONFSPEAK20. Tamsin will be hosting Track 2 the Hack track, which has a strong diversity theme around artificial intelligence and cyber security – hope to see you there! More details about the conference are here: https://conference.techexeter.uk/

This Week’s happenings

District 1 – Bristol

Monday the 2nd

Tuesday the 3rd

Wednesday the 4th

Thursday the 5th

Friday the 6th

  • Our regular Friday, women only networking courtesy of Desklodge Free Three Friday is back with Careers support with ADLIB

Saturday the 7th

District 2 – Bath

Thursday the 5th

District 3 – Weston-Super-Mare

Friday the 6th

  • Startup Cafe @ the stable I suspect they are just clearing up

Did we miss anything?

If you have any events that you want us to mention on our next Blogpost contact us on info@wthub.org. We do try to keep it to free or funded items that our members might relate to.