Women in Tech Report

TrustRadius 2021 Women in Tech Report

We spotted this which may be of interest to companies with EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) groups and looking for some information on how the women are faring during the current pandemic.

The Women in Tech Report includes 50+ new statistics and quotes on gender equality in the workplace. Topics include barriers to promotion and unconscious bias.

  • 57% of women in tech feel burned out at work this year, compared to 36% of men.
  • Women in tech are nearly twice as likely as men to have lost their jobs or been furloughed due to the pandemic. 
  • Women are divided on whether remote work has helped or hurt women in tech. 42% say it’s had a negative impact, 41% say the impact has been positive, and 17% say there’s been no impact.
  • 72% of women in tech have worked at a company where bro culture is pervasive. That average includes 83% of women in sales, 80% of women in marketing, and 63% of women in IT/engineering.
  • The majority (72%) of women in tech are regularly outnumbered by men in business meetings by at least a 2:1 ratio. 26% of women report being outnumbered by 5:1 or more.
  • 78% of women in tech feel they have to work harder than their coworkers to prove their worth.
  • Women in tech are 4X more likely than men to see gender bias as an obstacle to promotion. 39% of women see gender bias as a barrier to promotion in 2021.
  • Women of color are less confident than white women about their promotion prospects—and that gap has increased by 3X over the past year.
  • 37% of women of color in tech feel that racial bias is a barrier to promotion.
  • To help support women in tech, 78% of women say companies should promote more women into leadership positions. Other solutions include:
    • Providing mentorship opportunities (72%)
    • Offering flexible scheduling (64%)
    • Conducting unconscious bias training (57%)
    • Offering equal maternity and paternity leave (55%)

Candidate of the Week

Job hunting Robot

Job: Software engineer (M5)

Experience: B.E(Bachelors in Engineering); Oracle certified Associate.

Skills: Sql; PL-SQL; C; JavaScript; Macintosh; Windows; UNIX; HTML; CSS; Sql Developer; Sql *Plus; CVS; React; Redux front end Libraries;

Jobs of the Week

These are from companies working with us and really keen to be inclusive on the gender diversity front

Information Assurance Consultant

PGI’s cyber division will experience considerable growth in 2021 and the successful candidate will be able to work with minimal supervision to deliver high quality consultancy across a range of clients and services in the area of information assurance (IA).

Security Consultant (Penetration Tester)

We are recruiting Security Consultants of all levels to join our small but mighty team! 

Women Tech Founders Bristol Business Support Series

We’ve partnered with YTKO to offer our members support and loved our first meetup this week (we’ve also found out what YTKO stands for but you’ll need to pop along to find out!). We believe it’s the perfect solution for us as it’s free for our members until 2023 which is when the current funding runs out. They are essentially like a lightweight incubator – you don’t get tested or really need to apply and are perfect for women looking to either freelance, work in consultancy (or insultancy as we like to call it in some cases) or set up a company. They will support our members with online courses and mentoring as well as signposting.

Our next meeting will be roughly based on the following – although we will extend it to cover freelance and consultants. And its likely to be the 3rd of June TBC

Why Start your Own Business?

Join us to discuss the advantages of setting up your own business, overcome barriers and ultimately, where to start. By the end of the meeting, you will re engage with your 

ideas and passion to solve problems then take the next steps to write your Business Plan. Following the meeting, you will gain access to fully funded business support, starting with guidance on how to write a Business Plan followed by a range of workshops, 1:1 mentoring sessions and online learning that fit around your schedule. 

Stuff we spotted and thought we would pass on in case you missed it

Ransomware forced a major U.S. fuel pipeline to shut down

There’s an ongoing debate about whether or not to pay attackers, with most officials and experts coming down on the side of never paying.

MIT Technology Review:
Universal basic income is here—it just looks different from what you expected

How the pandemic took the concept of universal basic income out of Silicon Valley’s hands—and turned it into something far more radical.

BBC Tech News:
IBM 2nm chip breakthrough claims more power with less energy

It claims the tech could “quadruple” mobile phone battery life, and phones might only need to be charged every four days.

Our Events

Workshop Wednesdays
Workshop Wednesday

Will be on Wednesday the 19th with WebDev101 project and PyLab. Details of each of the groups and what they are up to you can find on their respective pages PyLAB and WebDEV101. For our members wishing to catch up, we will also have Women Tech Hub members hang out for you. For more detailed chats and support, you can mail us at info@wthub.org to arrange a 121.


Girl Geek Dinners Logo

We’re just setting up the next 2 of these before taking the summer break. The first one will be on Women in Engineering – the women in engineering day of the year is in June but this one is on May the 27th. Then we have an avionics engineer on the 24th of June speaking about what its like to have a career in the industry. More information to follow but hold the dates…

There’s also an up-to-date list of this week’s events and future conferences on our pages.

Keep an eye on our jobs board as there are some seriously great purpose-driven companies looking to improve their inclusivity by reaching out to our members & candidates. If you are currently looking for a job or considering a move or simply interested in working in tech then feel free to mail us for a chat on info@wthub.org.


AI World Congress 2021 May the 13th – 14th

AI WORLD FORUM CONGRESS 2021 is the world’s leading ML Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Conference based in London as Virtual Event and amongst others contains…

MACHINE LEARNING CONFERENCE is the world’s leading ML Conference 2021 focusing on big data, automation and machine learning events virtual.

QUANTUM COMPUTING CONFERENCE 2021: is the world’s leading edge computing and ML machine learning AI event based in London as an online virtual quantum computing conference. It focuses on Edge Computing, Cybersecurity, Drug Development, Pharma, Financial Modelling and service, Batteries, Cleaner Fertilisation. Traffic Optimisation. Weather Forecasting, Quantum Analytics and Climate Change, Energy, Solar Capture and more

Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021: focusing on IoT applications, AI Solutions, Artificial Intelligence and AI Companies and start ups for all verticals including automotive, healthcare, business, transport, transportation, technology, future, machine learning, ML, deep learning, neural networks, advance ai, robotics, robots, wireless, mobile

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