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Women Tech Founders

Kissy Kissy by Pretty Digital

Supporting women founders: It’s hard to work stuff out when you are right in the middle of things. This month we are introducing a regular 20-minute slot called “Its not about the nail” to work talk through your ideas, projects and business conundrums.

1. Intros and catch ups
2. Agreeing the rules
3. Its not about the nail – with Constance Fleuriot and Pretty Digital
4. Planning for the year – sessions ideas

Watch this video for some background on what we mean by “its not about the nail

The aim is to give one person each month some space talk about their business, bring their whole selves and to be listened to. WTF’s agree to listen appreciatively to each other and give one person a safe space to share and think through their problem. This can only work if we listen attentively and don’t rush to fix things.

Women’s Tech Hub project

Bristol Tech Fair

As part of the workshop wednesdays we are repurposing our websites and asking members who are upskilling to take them over. As part of this our member Marija is being mentored by Rob from Codehub to work on the Bristol tech fair website and turn it ito a resource site. Its a great protfolio piece and anyone wanting to get involved please take a look below

Hello Everyone!!! Excited news! I am contributing to the design of one of the WOMEN’S TECH HUB LIMITED project and I need your’s and your kids (if you have:) help.
“The project is to turn Bristol Tech Fair website into a kids tech resource so that we can outreach to all kids .. apparently the private schools are doing better with this than the state so its about being inclusive to all – and it should be for the future for kids that aren’t engaged in the school system.”
We are at the very beginning stage of the project and now I am looking for candidates to participate in a short survey about an upcoming website of Bristol Tech Fair. I would be very grateful if you could fill out this short Google survey form and especially ask your under 18s to do the same:) Here is a link: https://lnkd.in/dmJ5WcN

Thank you for your contribution and please share around!

Workshop Wednesday

The next Workshop Wedenesday will be on the 15th of July and we currently have:

  • Python Beginners
  • Software testing
  • Webdev 101
  • A guest speaker on Design in Change Roles – we’ll announce details next week

GirlGeekDinners is coming back

Although our great lineup of sponsors that we had planned for the year has sadly gone awry we did realise that this poses a great opportunity to run joint events and also run talks with smaller companies that can’t afford to host us due to cost or size. We will be announcing one for the 23rd of September shortly. We will also reach out to other GGD groups in the slack channel so we may get to meet others .. who knows .. but watch this space!….

If you wish to do a talk then please let us know by email on info@wthub.org.

We are happy to host other rooms if you want to discuss projects etc and if you wish to sponsor one the details are on our networking page here.

Stuff we spotted and thought we would pass on

Fancy joining others to work on data science together?

As we are all working from home – let’s develop our data science connections through working together (From the Jean Golding institute) Drop in Tuesdays 2-4pm

The Machine Learning Summer School

Its half way through but has the slides and videos on from last week (Thanks Alex for highlighting these to us)

DeepMind x UCL | Deep Learning Lectures | 1/12 | Intro to Machine Learning & AI

Free Coding 101 Workshop: An Introduction to SQL with Gianluca

Tech for Good Global Conference

AI in Aviation 7th of July

During the past years there has been a significant increase of innovation in aviation. Many of these are realizing use cases that are delivering on the SDGs from the air. Whether it is internet from balloons, or drones providing medication or using new aviation platforms to collect data previously only available through satellites. Underlying this boom is a series of new technologies included increase automation -including the initial use of AI. The AI in Aviation panel will discuss some of the more exciting developments in this regard and also on the regulatory approaches that are being developed.

ACM Keynote: New Ways of Thinking of the Mobile Phone for Healthcare and the current Pandemic 9th of July

Much of the fundamental research in computer science has been driven by the needs of those attempting to utilize computing for various applications, such as health. Shwetak Patel will describe a collection of research projects conducted with his clinical collaborators that leverage the sensors on mobile devices (e.g., microphones, cameras, accelerometers, etc) in new ways to enable the screening, self-management and longitudinal study of diseases. These projects follow the theme of finding unique signals and biomarkers in order to enable access and scale by leveraging existing hardware. His remarks will underscore the potential advances in health and clinical science through the convergence of sensing, machine learning, and human-computer interaction. He will also address how some of this work is being applied to the current COVID pandemic.


PostgresLondon 2020 July the 6th – 8th

PostgresLondon is the perfect opportunity for PostgreSQL users, developers, and anyone with a keen interest in the most advanced open source database for enterprises to get together and learn, share ideas, and network in one of the most international cities in the world.

This 3-day event highlights the latest developments for PostgreSQL, including new features added to in the latest version, current projects under development, and the future direction of PostgreSQL – including an insider’s look at what’s to come in upcoming major releases.

This Week’s happenings have moved to a dedicated page

Event listings are now updated weekly basis on our Events page

We know that for many people and children the office and school can be their refuge so please be aware that in Bristol, Next Link domestic abuse telephone helplines are open 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday 0117 925 0680. Help is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the National Domestic Violence Helpline – Freephone 0808 2000 247.

Domestic Violence Support

Did we miss anything?

If you have anything that you want us to mention on our next Blogpost contact us on info@wthub.org. We do try to keep it to free or funded items that our members might relate to.

As a suggestion from one of our lovely members (Thanks Gabs #1!), we have also set up a “buymeacoffee” page for those wanting to give us a small thank-you. Check it out here.

Women’s Tech Hub products

Our Candidates page advertises the skillsets of the women we have looking for roles in the area (and some of our male allies).

We have a Jobs Board for those wanting to advertise specifically to our members in the area – check it out here.

If you want to engage with our members, advertise your companies and share any jobs then you can support us by sponsoring the Workshop Wednesdays – details here.