Work Experience Wanted

Work Experience

Women’s Tech Hub just had this request in – so if anyone fancies a bit of admin help …

“We have 5 students from North Bristol Post 16 Centre looking to find some work experience placements from the 10th – 14th February 2020. They are a diverse group of year 12 students (age 16 & 17) and currently on a Business Admin course to help improve their GCSE’s. We are also trying to improve their self esteem and employability skills and it would be fantastic if they could gain experience in a working environment.
The placement would be to support their training in the role of an administrator which involves the following tasks:
Reception duties of this role may include:
· receiving clients and other visitors,
· communicating with them and members of staff,
· answering the telephone and taking messages,
· receiving and filing the incoming post and preparing the outgoing post.
General office duties may include:
· filing,
· photocopying,
· maintaining a diary system,
· supporting the office and legal assistants as required.
· responding to incoming email
Personal responsibilities will include:
· Managing my time and ensuring that all required tasks are completed within required timescales,
· following company and legislative requirements.

Please contact me at

If you would be happy to place one of these students and I will ask them to contact you directly.”

Planning and drinks!

Christmas relaxed drinks

It’s getting quieter (or busier for parties it seems) on the runup to Christmas but we are getting news in on some exciting plans for the new year which we will be announcing shortly:

We will be having a few drinks in lieu of the fact that Workshop Wednesdays is closed for Christmas sign up here SOCIAL: Xmas drinks

Girlgeek dinners Bristol have a few placemarkers currently for next year:

The ACCU Conference looks like it is running in March this year so we have put a placemaker in for our yearly update. We normally publicise the local meetups and groups to have a chance to engage and meet people. Any meetups wanting to present feel free to let us know on and we will try and accommodate you if you are looking to improve diversity in the tech industry (our core purpose).

Kinneir Dufort are a new and very welcome member and are looking to host on the 16th of April

XMOS ran a brilliant event for us last time and are up for hosting another event on the 21st of May.

WE are looking for anyone wanting to sponsor a February event on the 20th of February or later in the year, please contact us on if you are interested.

Similarly, Bath Girlgeek dinners are also keen to find sponsors in the Bath region.

We will be announcing Workshop Wednesday workshops as we sort them out – there is an option to engage through sponsorship and training workshops to engage and recruit visit our networking page for details.

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Introducing the new ……


Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning Study Group

As part of our collaborations with Women’s Tech Hub in the new year, we would like to announce this new group managed by our members. We meet every fortnight Wednesdays 6:00pm – 8:30pm at Level 3, Desklodge House, Redcliffe Way, Bristol BS1 6NL. To see scheduled events, please visit Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning Study Group. All members will be waitlisted to ensure that we have a diverse membership and ensure we have no more than 50% none diverse members at the events.

The vision of this community group is to help empower every single person in Bristol and surrounding areas to achieve quality Machine Learning and Data Science knowledge so that they can go on and do great things that benefit the quality of life of fellow earth citizens.

Christmas Plans

We are taking a break during christmas to catch up with ourselves and put some info together about some of the great things coming in the new year and some great new collaborations with other lovely groups that work with us. We’ll send out some info as we put them together so watch this space! We’ll also be out and about at parties looking at our calender, plus will announce a social, so hopefully see you out there!

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Starting to get a little bit Brrrrrrr

Woman Winter

It’s getting cold so here’s hoping you are all dressed up warm in some lovely new jumpers for the season! On the subject of new, we have some great new products and exciting things in the planning to help ensure that we can be here still for our members in the long term.


We have set up a new candidates page so companies looking for new diverse candidates can search the skill set of our members who are currently looking for jobs. Whilst we do charge for any placements we believe that it’s a fair charge to enable us to support the women through our free weekly drop-in Free Three Fridays (F3F) Sessions. We do hope that you will support us in getting our women into great careers with supportive companies and on fair wages.

Jobs Board

We have now opened up our Jobsboard to all companies looking for Diverse candidates, our existing members already have access, but moving forward we have opened the board up to tech companies in the South West to also use.

Workshop Wednesdays sponsorships

The Workshop Wednesdays are going from Strength to Strength and thanks to our great members, we have lots of brilliant things coming your way in the new year!

Also a big thanks to our individual sponsors – it’s great to know we have support from both our members and companies in the city. It makes us feel all warm and cosy and definitely all worth it!!

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Workshop Wednesdays 4th December

Workshop Wednesdays

This is our last Workshop Wednesday of teh year – but we have some very exciting options we are lining up for next year so come along to chat about them (hint: theres a lot of Data training and some great collaborations coming!

This final Workshop Wednesday on the 4th December 2019 will house:

~ Ceri Newton – Agile in a (pistachio) nutshell: a brief introduction to Agile ways of working
Ceri’s been coaching individuals, teams and businesses for well over a decade, and with her background in teaching and psychology, has been referred to more than once as the “Mary Poppins of Agile”. She will be running this hands-on session for anyone who wants to understand a little more about Agile – what it is, how it works and who it’s for. You’ll come out feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on your next Agile project!

~ JavaScript Self-Led Study Group
Calling all those who are interested in learning or improving their JavaScript skills in a relaxed, collaborative environment.

If you’re new to JavaScript, we’ll give you a quick introduction into what you can do with the language, then guide you through the basics by working through small projects together. Our aim is to help pave the way to creating your first website. You will learn skills you’ll need on the job and create a personal portfolio that will make interviews easier.

While the study group’s focus is to help those who are less experienced, we’d be happy to accept anyone who is interested in offering support. Additionally, if you’re looking to build on your existing JavaScript skills, we’d be happy to help on a range of subjects, such as: React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, npm, MongoDB, functional style programming and more.

~ Meet&Speak
A supportive space for women to take to their feet and find their voice. For more information and purchase tickets on eventbrite

~ Python Self-Led Study Group – Hands-on Python Debugging
If you want to learn how to debug small Python projects, join us for a 1h hands-on tutorial with a few fun exercises starting at 18:30! The workshop is targeted at beginner/intermediate Python programmers and requires some pre-installed software. Please install *Anaconda for Python 3.7 and **PyCharm IDE for Anaconda before the workshop. No need to install any Python packages, we will go through all the steps together during the tutorial.

~ WebDev101
Calling all those interested in improving their knowledge of any subject in the field of web development. See CodeHub Group/Event link for sign up and more information:

~ Project Rainbow – WTH Supporting Non-Profits – Wrap Up session
Rainbow RDA is a charity based in Taunton in need of Web Presence to qualify for grants, attract volunteers, supporters and donations. The project needs additional team members of all walks of Digital Life to help bring their digital presence to light. They are affiliated with
Sign-up via this WTHub MeetUp event, stating eg ‘Agile’, ‘JavaScript’, ‘Python’,‘Rainbow’ or ‘Other’ in reply to the sign-up question

Please note places are limited, where necessary priority will be given to minority group members to ensure a diverse group.
Open to all those aged 18+