Workshop Wednesday Speaker announcement

Ben Byford COGx

We are really pleased to announce that at our next Workshop Wednesday we have two great speakers for your delectation – just signup HERE.

AI Ethics with Ben Byford

AI is and will have direct impacts for better or worse on society. AI Ethics has become a cross-disciplinary effort to consider AI and all of its impacts and work towards ethically aligning our work for better outcomes.Whether you are new to AI concepts or are a data scientist working with Machine Learning models, you may have watched in confusion, scorn, or admiration at the current AI Ethics debates.With this session it is your opportunity to ask questions to be covered in the talk and Q&A. What is AI? What are moral agents? Who controls the future? What is responsible AI? Send you questions to

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Where did all the engineers go?

Female Electronics Engineer

UK Electronics Skills Foundation

We love the UKESF and all the great work it does to encourage engineering as a career choice, including its efforts to reach out to girls and women so thought we would share their latest schools project.

For those that haven’t heard of the UKESF….

In the UK, the Electronics sector is big, valuable and growing; however, the demand for capable, employable graduates is currently outstripping supply. We are an educational charity, launched in 2010, with both public and private seed-corn funding. We operate collaboratively with major companies, leading universities and other organisations to tackle the skills shortage in the Electronics sector.

Make a real difference: help promote Electronics in schools by supporting our “Electronics Everywhere” project – click HERE to find out how.

Explore the UK Electronics industry with the UKESF Infographic.

We also spotted this great piece on Emily on the BBC – thanks Kathryn for highlighting it!

Emily Smithson, from Bristol, said the importance of playgrounds for children and parents had been underlined during the Covid-19 pandemic. She said she was frustrated no list of local play sites existed. Ms Smithson, 42, spent two years learning programming skills to design the free interactive app and game, which features play areas in her city. Playgrounds across England closed in March as part of the first wave of restrictions imposed to tackle the spread of the coronavirus in March.

You can get the app on Google or Apple

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Workshop Wednesday lineup on the 23rd of September

Workshop Wednesdays

Workshop Wednesday lineup

We have heard from our workshop partners and the final look for this Wednesday is

The agenda is :

6pm : Zoom starts – info share and quick hi to everyone

6:15pm: workshops running in separate rooms *TBC

Workshop #1 WebDev101 ..

WebDev101 Logo

coming back at the next one so no WebDev101 at this one unless anyone wants to pop into a room and share problems/discuss their websites

Workshop #2 PyLAB

PyLAB logo
Practising is cool

Python Learning for Advanced Beginners (‘PyLAB’)
Details here:

Workshop #3 Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning
Community news, tips and tools
We will share some useful tips and tricks for Python, Jupyter notebooks, and Data Science. Plus share info about upcoming events, workshops and interesting meetups related to Data Science and Machine Learning.

7:15pm: Coffee/wine/cocktail/beer break – will stay live for any discussions

7:30pm: Workshop #3 continues (BDSML)

BDSML logo

Study time – yes! Time to carry on learning! This will not be moderated and not on Zoom. Just you and your laptop.
We are currently focusing on the ‘Practical Deep Learning for Coders v3’ course (

8:30pm: Central chat and call out for any projects that people want to support etc.

We do have a lot of workshops that we are currently lining up for the following meetups and we are happy to discuss with people what you would like to see presented moving forward

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We’re off to Leeds again (literally)

Leeds Signpost

Its Leeds Digital Festival 2020

Leeds Digital Festival Logo

We’re back! Join us from the 21st of September for two weeks of world-class events celebrating all things digital. We have a record-breaking 294 events so there’s something for everyone. See you there! We’ve put links to the events on our events page but they seem to cover everything Cyber, Careers, Podcasts, Design, Content, AI, Cloud Vue.js, Apps, UX, Social Media, Data, Ethics, Data Science, Safety, Agile .. blah blah blah – theres absolutely everything – even a tiny bit of engineering!

Manic Monday

Manic Monday

Catch up chat – whats on, careers suport and whatever you want to make of it really – join us here whenever you have a break in your busy schedule

CodeHub Mentoring group kicks off on tuesday as a reminder for those of you that are signed up!. Check out the codehub Slack for details. We’re tempted to call it

Workshop Wednesday

This will be a quiet one – but just to give you all a heads up we have talks coming up on AI and Ethics, testing, containers and lots more..

PyLAB logo
Practising is cool

This week will be a discussion piece on setting up the New Python learning group – the details are on their webpage here.

WebDev 101 will be back at the following meetup and is being reorganised so it may be a drop in to discuss web development problems as well as looking at the latest, greatest web development going on in the industry. Bear with us while we set that one up.

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Money Money Money

Woman with handful of money

Sorry – couldn’t resist the link …

But its actually not an ABBA revival (much as we would love one) but actually about a LOT of funding opportunities coming through – so first off:

The Digital Innovation Fund is now live: UWE Bristol announces a second round for its £1m Covid-19 Recovery Fund

Following on from a successful first round, UWE Bristol has launched the second round of funding for its Digital Innovation Fund, a £1m Covid-19 recovery fund open to SMEs in the West of England. 

The programme is supporting Research and Development projects in a range of industries and will be creating more innovation opportunities with this second round.  The scheme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), offers eligible businesses innovation grants from £10,000 to £40,000 to fund 35% of project costs.

Grants are open to businesses in any sector that want to innovate and address new challenges that have arisen from Covid-19. Applicants must be small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and based in Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire. Deadlines for applications: 10 November 2020. Apply now: 

And some more funding from Rosa

Covid-19: Current Funding Opportunities

Existing inequalities mean that coronavirus is having a disproportionate impact on women – especially women who experience discriminations that intersect race, gender, class, ability, and migration status. We know this means women’s organisations in the UK are under enormous pressure to support their communities, while also dealing with their own internal challenges.

Manic Mondays

Manic Monday

Back every Monday (except holidays) we will have a zoom catch up – if any members want to meet up with one another to call in from a local cafe/bar then we think that will be a nice way to start small gatherings. We have a general intro – then run through some of the upcoming events and conferences that we think may be of interest to the group. Followed by anyone wanting to mention their projects or things of note and a general catch up. If anyone wants to have a further chat then we will put together a couple of breakout rooms where we can have one to ones while the main group can carry on the social if they like. Join us on our meetup page here.

Each for Equal in Systems Engineering

We’re speaking at this one on friday so thought its worth a mention and would love to get more men involved in the converstation to help them make informed decisions when gender comes up in the conversation.

Our first equality and diversity event, that was planned for March this year to celebrate International Women’s Day, was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted to go ahead and host it as a virtual event this autumn, bringing it to an even wider audience across the country. The theme of the event (and the 2020 IWD campaign), #EachForEqual, is adopted for both female and male systems engineers in mind and we’re planning to explore steps we can take to create a culture of equality in which everyone can advance and thrive.

From the business perspective, equality can be a great performance accelerator as a more inclusive and diverse range of participants is likely to achieve higher levels of innovation, and greater levels of risk reduction in projects and programmes through greater diversity of thinking and experiences.

Inspirational speakers will share their experiences

Expect a lively and interactive virtual event with inspirational speakers, panel discussions with live Q&A, great insights and the opportunity to network with other fellow professionals across different sectors. You will also have the opportunity to stay online for some informal, post-event networking.

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