Let’s take a peek at Intersectionality


The Bristol Women in business charter

The Bristol women in business charter have just released their great new website and have an event coming up that anyone interested in understanding more about intersectionality and how to best support everyone in the industry.

Looking at EDI through an intersectional lens

We all deserve to have our voices heard; our faces and experiences reflected in the culture and media and our unique needs addressed through relevant policies. However, when we fail to incorporate intersectionality into our everyday practices and policies we leave parts of our communities behind.

Intersectionality describes how different elements of a person’s identity can be discriminated against, with negative outcomes. If you know of anyone working in D & I and with experience of intersectionality then they welcome any speakers to join them.

Data Science MSc Event

Saturday October 16, 2021 is our Data Science MSc Open Day. There’ll be a limited number for the live event but we will run it as a hybrid event for those unable to make it. We’re still finalising a place and speakers but anyone interested in being involved feel free to contact us on info@wthub.org, we’d really love to have some speakers talking about how great data science is when its used for good in industry.

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We have a Date (not the romantic type!)

Tech Dating

Data Science MSc Event

As we’ve been mentioning, we are running an event in October to showcase the UWE Data Science Masters. We’ve opted for Saturday October 16, 2021 so put the date in your diaries. There’ll be a limited number for the live event (we’re just finalising the where) but we will run it as a hybrid event for those unable to make it.


A brief overview of the MSc:

Bringing together skills in data management, analytics and artificial intelligence, data scientists work with organisations to draw competitive or efficiency-related insights from their data. It’s a field that’s expected to soon make up at least a quarter of all digital jobs and has been highlighted as a major skills gap in the government’s recent industrial strategy.


We’ll be putting some information together about why this may be an option for you even if you haven’t considered it as an option previously, so keep an eye out as we put this together. Also if you would like to discuss it with us then please contact us at info@wthub.org and we can provide more details and consider the affordability both time and money cost-wise.

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Data, Data everywhere but not enough data scientists

Data Scientist

The World Economic Forum predicted that data scientists and analysts will become the No. 1 emerging role in the world by 2022. A quick trawl of the interweb soon shows why, as Big Data analytics and science-based skills such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become such a big skillset demand.

The pandemic has ensured that many more businesses have moved towards digital businesses to remain competitive during the crisis and they are also now realising the power and need to remain competitive in a post-pandemic world.

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Who’s problem is it anyway?

Climate Change Article

Problem … problems … problems …

This week we’ve been looking into the climate crisis – partly because the Sacramento area is burning and we have friends over there but mainly because we want to delve further into the subject of data and how it’s being used for problem-solving issues like this.

You can use data science and environmental science to understand patterns in the global food system and develop strategies that make food supply chains more nutritious and sustainable. Here’s a great video presentation on Reducing food waste throughout the grocery supply chain.

Supply Chain management

Accurate and high-resolution data reflecting different climate scenarios for deciding on the development of future energy resources, electrical infrastructure, transportation networks, agriculture, and many other societally important systems. Check out Five Essential Skills for Transportation Data Science.


Deep learning for climate model super-resolution, and helping to visualize carbon emissions based on raw data. Or combine machine learning with simulations of atmospheric turbulence to develop new models that can track air pollutants. There are a few great data sets out there for checking pollutants such as the European environment agency and National Environmental Public Health Tracking


Researchers develop data to harness geospatial data to help characterize populations displaced by a disaster. This kind of information helps with planning for and responding to large scale natural disasters associated with climate change. An example of the data analysed can be seen on the migration data portal.

Population displacement

Want to be part of the solution?

If you’re looking to change your career and are interested in doing tech for good to see how you might best hone your talents to sort the issues that are important to you, maybe you can consider Data Science and all it has to offer. We will be running an event in October with UWE to showcase an option to do an MSc in Data Science which we will be talking about in the coming weeks. It’s a great transfer option for members who want to move into the industry and also those looking to return to something, brush up their skills and enhance their CV. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss it with us contact us at info@wthub.org.

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