Have a Great Christmas Break

Robots and presents

We will be doing a lot of background work over the next couple of weeks as we have some great stuff we are implementing to be even more super useful to you all. Until then we hope you all have a lovely brilliant relaxing and safe Christmas – and here’s hoping that you don’t have some rather overweight beardy strange guy coming down your chimneys and spreading COVID, seriously shouldn’t someone tell him its not a great idea during a pandemic! and is he really a key worker ..?

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New Engineering Diversity Initiative

Stem engineers

During the week we spotted that the UKESF has pledged its support for Tomorrow’s Engineers Code – and, as we love the UKESF and all that it does, we took a look and signed up too. We know that as a group we mainly concentrate on the over 18’s but inevitably we have become involved in a project for the under 18’s that is very exciting and currently under construction (more about that later) so this simply makes sense for us. It may also make sense to some of you reading this so take a look and see if you should be signing up.

Launched in October 2020, the Tomorrow’s Engineers Code is a commitment to work toward common goals to increase the diversity and number of young people entering engineering careers.

We need to work harder than ever to ensure that engineering careers are accessible for this generation of young people – for their own life chances and so that we have a diverse and insightful workforce that enables the UK to thrive.  Join over 100 organisations who have pledged to work together through the Tomorrow’s Engineers Code and find more joined-up ways to help all young people understand and be inspired towards engineering careers.

Signatories of The Code make four pledges about their approach to funding, designing, delivering and learning from engineering-inspiration activities. If you are an organisation that funds or delivers engineering inspiration activities, join the Tomorrow’s Engineers Code.

To find out more, visit the Tomorrow’s Engineers website and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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Some great new projects (& funding opportunities)


After the year we’ve had its nice to see lots of local initiatives (with wider backing) out there to support the local tech industry and future workforce

Virtual Work Experience (VWEX)

This is a call for companies to offer up support to the next generation of talent

Speakers for schools

We need you if you are interested in offering work experience virtually (VWEX) to young people. You may have offered work experience before, this may be an opportunity to do it for the first time. Learn how your business can be supported to engage virtually with school and college students to develop your talent pipeline, business brand, highlight future skills and inspire! Just to start we have a seminar on December 16th which will show how you can work with us and Speakers for Schools to offer young people VWEX opportunities for spring-summer 2021. (there is no cost to employers or schools for this!) Please click on the Eventbrite link here to register for the event and find out more.

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Well, that’s a wrap for this year’s events!


What a year its been, we’ve moved everything online along with the rest of the world which has had its pluses and negatives as for everyone. We’ve been getting a bit zoomed out but interestingly its also given us the opportunity to stretch our wings out as it allowed access to events for members who normally couldn’t make the previous in-person events (and it’s saved us a fortune in pizzas and drinks!).

Its not the end yet though and we do have some exciting changes that we are making and when it happens you’ll be the first to know about it! Don’t worry as we are not dissappearing – just improving some stuff, hopefuly you’ll bear with us and the new changes should enable us to support you all more. (Its good news!)

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Women’s Tech Hub/Founders working with WIST

CTO role

Women’s Tech Hub were recently introduced by one of our allies to a group from ‘out of town’ called We in Social Tech (WIST) which is an accelerator that supports female social tech founders.

“The We in Social Tech growth accelerator programme has been created to support 85 ambitious women-led social tech businesses over two years.

Whether you’re starting out or are already established, the most important thing is that you’re passionate about making a positive impact with your business.

The accelerator is delivered by Nwes, the largest not-for-private-profit enterprise agency in the UK, and supported by Deutsche Bank, through its social enterprise programme Made for Good.”

They are currently running with a cohort of new start-ups who are the ideas people behind some great solutions but do not necessarily have the tech knowledge and are essentially looking for a mix of CTO’s and freelancers to help get their companies onto the next stage.  

We believe that we have many women in our network who do have the knowledge and tech skills to step into these roles and as such we are looking to advertise their needs and also offer a training overview of what the CTO roles require, and look into arranging additional skills training if required.  We know that most CTO’s generally step into the role through starting up a tech business or are promoted into the role and do not have formal training, this takes confidence and drive.  We do know there’s a lack of women in the role and think that this is a great next step for many of our members looking to move up in their careers, moving into more ‘tech for good roles’, especially those who hadn’t previously considered CTO roles as accessible to them.

There are options also to work on a freelance basis and move into a CTO role once the companies are ready and you have proven yourselves ‘in the job’.

If you are interested in talking to us about the opportunities please contact us on info@wthub.org – we will put out blogposts on each of the opportunities to describe them better.  There is also the opportunity to work remotely and also flexibly so please don’t let the fact that they are not locally based startups put you off!

 The companies looking currently are:


A community of sustainable business creators” are looking for a freelancer with an opportunity to move into a CTO role


social enterprise that is fighting to lower the financial barrier of entry into journalism” are looking for a freelance CTO

I am the world

“bring back the beauty and wisdom of travelling while creating a lasting impact for a better world” are looking for a CTO and

Republic of Hugs

embraces immersive and interactive technologies to create wellness and entertainment experiences” are looking for a CTO and in future some Web and Software Developers (hence no website link or logo yet)

We’ll follow up with some further details on the companies but for now, we are interested in members who may be interested in an initial chat on what options are available. There’s no major signup, just contact us on info@wthub.org and we can discuss what the companies are looking for, discuss whether you believe it may suit you and then set up an intro.