Pointers for Women in Tech from Women Who Code

This was posted on Geekwire a couple of days ago – an article by Madeline Vuong with the sort of title that gets us all reading:  “6 secrets for success in the tech industry” based on talks from a Women Who Code conference in Seattle, USA. Have a read, it covers the sorts of conversations that we have been having here and why we set up Women’s Tech Hub in Bristol. Not least the statement:

“Diversity and inclusion is everyone’s issue to move forward and to help solve”

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About The Founders

Constance and Serrie met at Bristol Girl Geek Dinners. They exemplify the circuitous routes that women can take to working in tech. Serrie is experienced in hardware verification and requirements management and is currently working as a Requirement Engineering Consultant. Constance has spent a couple of decades working in HCI research as well as developing mobile/pervasive media projects and is now making games.

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