WTHub @ TEDx Bristol ~ Dare to Disrupt

Here at Womens Tech Hub ~ Bristol we believe that we need to be seen and heard to encourage more women and girls into the tech sector.  We are highly committed to being present at as many events and conferences as possible, not only to ensure that industry is aware of us but also so that women who are attending events know that there will definitely be other women to talk to.

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Diversity in Tech 2017

On Saturday 24th June we hosted our first summer conference at Watershed in Bristol. It was nerve-wracking to organise but rather wonderful to meet so many people who are as concerned as we are at the current lack of diversity in the tech workforce. We know it is not just a local issue, it’s a national one, but we do belive that Thinking Globally and Acting Locally is a good way forward. So we invited mostly local speakers to our three panels on Recruitment, Retention and Resilience, to come and share their thoughts on how to change things, and what they are doing to change things. Continue reading “Diversity in Tech 2017”