Diversity in Tech ~ Childcare at the Conference

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to attend our first annual conference on Diversity in Tech.

  • We decided to have it on a Saturday rather than during the week, so that people working elsewhere could come and find out more about tech.
  • We kept the price as low as possible (lunch is included) and offer free tickets for people on benefits.
  • We are hosting at the Watershed, which is an accessible building, with accessible toilet and baby-changing area.

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Serrie and I really enjoyed our first Bristech annual conference, especially the thoughtful conversations we had with such a range of people – from individual women to companies interested in our ideas on practical ways to increase the number of women working with them. We felt very welcome and are delighted with the positive feedback and the number of people wanting to keep in touch ~ we were handing out halloween sweets and WTHub coasters to people who visited our stall but many were stopping by to chat even without bribery.

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Getting Women Into Conferences

One of the biggest issues that we are aware of in women’s career progression we believe is due to the lack of their presence in the industry and visibility of opportunities.  We know that this is partly due to lack of women speaking or attending conferences, whilst we do not condone getting the ‘gender card’ to be accepted to speak at a conference we are actually aware that this isn’t due to the quality of women speakers but more due to a lack of them coming forward and submitting papers.

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