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International Day of Education

It was International Day of Education on the 24th of January and this year the UN are concentrating on :

Recover and revitalize education for the COVID-19 generation

The International Education Day occurs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that led to a global learning disruption of unprecedented scale and severity. The closure of schools, universities and other learning institutions, as well as the interruption of many literacy and lifelong learning programmes, has affected the lives of 1.6 billion students in over 190 countries. As a new year begins, now is the time to step up collaboration and international solidarity to place education and lifelong learning at the centre of the recovery and the transformation towards more inclusive, safe and sustainable societies.

And on that note, we want to share the thanks from Cotham School for everyone who helped out by sharing or supporting them in their fundraiser, we love the community support out there.

Our GoFundMe page has had a staggering response and we have already been able to order 70 new Chromebooks and 20 dongles to supplement our supply of equipment to those families who need it. We continue to be truly humbled by our parents and the public’s response to our fundraising efforts.

Some of you may also have dropped off to us directly your unwanted computers so here is a general update: This week we have released significant numbers of new and ‘gifted’ used laptops and desktop computers to our students in need- 186 in total. THANK YOU so much to those of you who have donated to our GoFundMe page and in other ways to support our students.

And a picture of some sims and routers from them


There’s an up-to-date list of this week’s events and future conferences on our pages. Highlights that we spotted this week that we like the look of (Other than our events obviously!) are Tech Tutors: How do I start a Tech4Wildlife collaboration? and Roads vs Rail: Reducing Emissions by 2030

Keep an eye on our jobs board as there are some seriously great purpose-driven companies looking to improve their inclusivity by reaching out to our members & candidates. We have a whole load of new jobs on there this week, so if you are currently looking for a job or considering a move feel free to mail us for a chat on

Manic Mondays

We’re back with our Manic Monday on the 25th of January – this is an online drop-in session. For individual meetings then feel free to request a meeting via email on

Workshop Wednesdays

We’re back this Wednesday with the WebDev101 project and the PyLabs group. There’s a separate blog with details of whats happening in each of the workshops.

Should anyone want to cut their teeth doing a talk please let us know on You can sign up for the next one at Workshop Wednesdays also you can pop in to CodeHub @ Workshop Wednesdays

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Pylabs returns

PyLAB logo

Tomorrow evening Pylabs is back with a new format and with a new Host James Rennison, whom some of you may know from other workshops that he’s hosted over the past year with us.

A huge thank you to Kathryn for setting up and establishing PyLAB.

For 2021 we’re going to start developing an application with multiple interfaces, interacting with multiple third-party systems. We’ll start preparing Python packages, writing code that can be reused, tested and deployed.

To do this we are going to try to use some of the tools and processes adopted by a lot of organisations. The idea is to keep this fun and practical while allowing participants to get an idea not just about how to write great code, but also how to ensure the code meets a standard, priorities are delivered and dependencies identified.

We’ll try out different approaches to find out what works for us, but we will start with an introduction to the Agile methodology, Scrum and look to adapt it to our needs.

The first workshop will be an introduction to how we will start with the Scrum ceremonies.

We’ll start to prepare and refine our first user stories and establish a cadence for the group. If you’d like to know a little more about writing code as part of a team, what Agile code development means or have something you’d like to contribute, please join us. There’s no expectation of commitment beyond the workshop.

Hope to see you on Workshop Wednesday! (signup under CodeHub @ Workshop Wednesdays if you are a member of Codehub)

WebDev101 @Workshop Wednesday

WebDev101 Logo

Rob Squires is running the WebDev101 this year with a great project that you can all get involved with

As of January 2021 WebDev101 will be focused on building a new website for

Whether you’re a complete novice or quite comfortable with your WebDev skills, there will be plenty of oppurtunity to learn new things! We’ll be building this website from the ground up so you can understand what goes into building a site from start to finish.

The project has been worked on with Marija Sta who has done all of the UX for it and has handed it over to the group for Development which Rob is keen to aiming at absolute beginners. Its also open though to anyone wanting to help out and add to their portfolios (more experienced) or mentor members and also non techies who are keen to get involved looking for resources and content for the site.

The Website is the one we used for our event last year and has such a great name that we’ve decided to put it to use to support younger members of school age to get into Tech. During the lockdown we are aware that some schools have been better resourced than others so we figured building something to support all schools to have the knowledge and access to the free resources out there made perfect sense both for the current crisis but also moving forward for children not engaging within school.

If you are involved with schools then this may also be of interest to you to feed into. It is obviously tech-related as that’s our specialism for the first pass, but we hope the community can build a great resource site to engage with children and give them an affordable and comprehensible way in which to engage with Tech.

There is no deadline for the website so people are welcome to work at their own pace with support from the group. We’re really excited about it as we’ve seen the UX design that Marija has done for it and it looks great.

It’s a collaborative project between women’s tech hub and codehub so we are hoping for a great diverse mix of people. It’s also a great place to come and learn new skills for free and there’s no prerequisite for knowledge so come along (they’re a really helpful bunch!).

You can sign up on Workshop Wednesdays or on CodeHub @ Workshop Wednesdays

Women’s Tech Hub/Founders working with WIST

CTO role

Women’s Tech Hub were recently introduced by one of our allies to a group from ‘out of town’ called We in Social Tech (WIST) which is an accelerator that supports female social tech founders.

“The We in Social Tech growth accelerator programme has been created to support 85 ambitious women-led social tech businesses over two years.

Whether you’re starting out or are already established, the most important thing is that you’re passionate about making a positive impact with your business.

The accelerator is delivered by Nwes, the largest not-for-private-profit enterprise agency in the UK, and supported by Deutsche Bank, through its social enterprise programme Made for Good.”

They are currently running with a cohort of new start-ups who are the ideas people behind some great solutions but do not necessarily have the tech knowledge and are essentially looking for a mix of CTO’s and freelancers to help get their companies onto the next stage.  

We believe that we have many women in our network who do have the knowledge and tech skills to step into these roles and as such we are looking to advertise their needs and also offer a training overview of what the CTO roles require, and look into arranging additional skills training if required.  We know that most CTO’s generally step into the role through starting up a tech business or are promoted into the role and do not have formal training, this takes confidence and drive.  We do know there’s a lack of women in the role and think that this is a great next step for many of our members looking to move up in their careers, moving into more ‘tech for good roles’, especially those who hadn’t previously considered CTO roles as accessible to them.

There are options also to work on a freelance basis and move into a CTO role once the companies are ready and you have proven yourselves ‘in the job’.

If you are interested in talking to us about the opportunities please contact us on – we will put out blogposts on each of the opportunities to describe them better.  There is also the opportunity to work remotely and also flexibly so please don’t let the fact that they are not locally based startups put you off!

 The companies looking currently are:


A community of sustainable business creators” are looking for a freelancer with an opportunity to move into a CTO role


social enterprise that is fighting to lower the financial barrier of entry into journalism” are looking for a freelance CTO

I am the world

“bring back the beauty and wisdom of travelling while creating a lasting impact for a better world” are looking for a CTO and

Republic of Hugs

embraces immersive and interactive technologies to create wellness and entertainment experiences” are looking for a CTO and in future some Web and Software Developers (hence no website link or logo yet)

We’ll follow up with some further details on the companies but for now, we are interested in members who may be interested in an initial chat on what options are available. There’s no major signup, just contact us on and we can discuss what the companies are looking for, discuss whether you believe it may suit you and then set up an intro.

Bristol Data Science and machine Learning are back!

BDSML logo

The group are coming back as part of the Workshop Wednesday bi-weekly event starting this Wednesday the 15th! And they have a great new Logo…

Self-paced peer-supported study session


After a break to re-arrange and adjust to the new situation, we are re-joining Workshop Wednesdays!

This coming meeting will focus on YOU – the learning group, and will also follow a new format.

6pm : (Zoom) Start – as part of Workshop Wednesdays

6:15pm: (Zoom) Community news and cool tools
We will share some useful tips and tricks for Python and Jupyter notebooks, plus talk about upcoming events, workshops and interesting meetups related to Data Science and Machine Learning.

6:45pm: (Zoom) Discussion on your wishes for this study group – format, tools, etc. Bring your ideas and your calendars.

7:15pm: Coffee/wine/cocktail/beer break – as part of Workshop Wednesdays

7:30pm: Study time – yes! Time to carry on learning! This will not be moderated and not on Zoom. Just you and your laptop.
We are currently focusing on the ‘Practical Deep Learning for Coders v3’ course (

8:30pm: Central chat and updates – as part of Workshop Wednesdays

9pm: Close

Note: Everyone is welcome to join. Together with Women’s Tech Hub Bristol, we are here to encourage diversity in STEM.

Join up on their meetup here