In Good Company

It’s always nice to hear positive thoughts about what you are trying to achieve and we were delighted to be featured as one of the top female tech groups in the SW in this article from Alice Whale at TechSpark.
Women’s Tech Hub was born from a desire to support and bring together the different groups and meetups for women in tech, and find ways of helping the organisers avoid burnout!

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Fancy trying out for a career in Data? KETL can help

We have been working with KETL as you may be aware from our previous blog and now they have just announced their offering of free training sessions with desklodge support – Brilliant News!!
They are looking to promote women back in but we’re sure they are happy for women wanting to move careers to come along and see if it interests them (personally we are also a bit tempted!) Continue reading “Fancy trying out for a career in Data? KETL can help”

Getting Women Into Conferences

One of the biggest issues that we are aware of in women’s career progression we believe is due to the lack of their presence in the industry and visibility of opportunities.  We know that this is partly due to lack of women speaking or attending conferences, whilst we do not condone getting the ‘gender card’ to be accepted to speak at a conference we are actually aware that this isn’t due to the quality of women speakers but more due to a lack of them coming forward and submitting papers.

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