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Looks like it just keeps on coming – yet more initiatives to help you start on your journey into the tech world. If you want to have a chat over the options and where you feel you would like to go or just to know more about the industry, feel free to drop us a mail on info@wthub.org for an informal chat and we can try and debunk some of the industry and support you in your career.

Department for Education’s (DfE) Skills Bootcamps

Skills Bootcamps offer free, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks for adults aged 19 or over and who are either in work or recently unemployed. Some Skills Bootcamps have additional eligibility criteria.

They give people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.

There’s a mix of suppliers in the region including the institute of coding, Weston College and Bath university take a look here

DataSkills by The Open University

Is a 16 week part-time training programme that combines the Open University’s fifty years’ experience of promoting education for all and supporting busy working adults to learn, with real-world careers insights from Microsoft, one of the world’s largest IT companies.

The programme is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and employability support you’ll need to access digital jobs with Microsoft’s partners and a range of other employers across different sectors of the economy.

DataSkills by The Open University flexes around the demands of your work and life, combining high quality online learning with webinars, online support, coaching and certification preparation sessions.

Whilst you will need to keep on track, the programme puts you in the driving seat in terms of when you schedule your study each week. The programme is funded by the Department for Education Skills Bootcamps programme and there is no cost to individual participants.

If you are an employer interested in putting employees forward for this programme, please visit our employer website for more information and to express your interest.

Outreachy December 2021 internship applications

Outreachy provides internships from May to August and December to March. You’ll work on open source projects. Experienced mentors will guide you. Outreachy internships are paid! You will receive a $6,000 USD total stipend (its open around the world though)

The internship is completely remote. You’ll work from home. Your mentor will also be remote. Find out more here.

Nextgen Futures West Of England

Skills in games-tech programming, including Unity and Unreal Engine, are increasingly in-demand across games, VR, AR, animation, VFX, architecture, manufacturing, and automation companies worldwide. ​

This NextGen Futures Bootcamp in games-tech programming is in response to the growth of these companies in the West of England, and related skills shortages reported by these employers. Successful candidates will learn the up-to-date skills needed to succeed in these fast-moving and exciting sectors.  

….. and if you are looking to provide training …..

West of England Combined Authority – Digital Skills Investment Programme

The Combined Authority is looking for consortia of partners to come forward, including skills providers of different types, employers and other stakeholders, to deliver innovative training solutions where employers report digital skills shortages, which will address regional digital skills needs at a baseline/ lower level and medium/higher level.

Meeting on the 19th – signup here.

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Let’s talk Data

Data Science

There’s a lot of great jobs involving Data out there so we thought it good to share some of the great things that you can do with it.

So first of there are multiple ‘Data’ Jobs out there from Data science, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Database managers, Data Architects and a whole host of other made-up titles. This week we are looking at Data science:

Data Scientists and Data analysts are often confused including by companies, they are in fact pretty similar and analyse large data sets often using R and Python.

Data analysts analyse data sets to better understand things that have already happened such as trends over time, for example how different marketing campaigns resulted in increased website throughput. With data scientists, however – they literally are there to try and predict the future through creating models based on big data.

Some examples of data science (and think where else it could be used to do better things if you had the knowledge to use it … just saying!)


Google: Machine-Learning for Metastasis LYNA — short for Lymph Node Assistant —accurately identified metastatic cancer 99 percent of the time using its machine-learning algorithm.

Clue: Predicting Periods The popular Clue app employs data science to forecast users’ menstrual cycles and reproductive health by tracking cycle start dates, moods, stool type, hair condition and many other metrics.

Clue Period & Ovulation Tracker with Ovulation Calendar for iOS, Android,  and watchOS

Oncora Medical: Cancer Care Recommendations Oncora’s software uses machine learning to create personalized recommendations for current cancer patients based on data from past ones.

Digital Health Startup Oncora Medical Raises $1.2M for Radiation Oncology  Platform

Road Travel

UPS: Optimizing Package Routing Network Planning Tools (NPT), incorporates machine-learning and AI to crack challenging logistics puzzles, such as how packages should be rerouted around bad weather or service bottlenecks. NPT lets engineers simulate a variety of workarounds and pick the best ones; AI also suggests routes on its own.

7 Digital Transformation Examples (UPS, Spotify, Dropbox, McDonald's) -  ThePowerMBA

StreetLight Data: Traffic Patterns, and Not Just for Cars The company’s maps inform various city planning enterprises, including commuter transit design.

Uber Eats: Delivering Food While It’s Hot In order to optimize the full delivery process, the team has to predict how every possible variable — from storms to holiday rushes — will impact traffic and cooking time.


Liverpool F.C.: Moneyball-ing Soccer built a proprietary model that calculates how every pass, run and goal attempt influences a team’s overall chance of winning. Liverpool has used it to recruit players and for general strategy.

RSPCT: Basketball-Coaching Sensor RSPCT’s shooting analysis system, adopted by NBA and college teams, relies on a sensor on a basketball hoop’s rim, whose tiny camera tracks exactly when and where the ball strikes on each basket attempt. It funnels that data to a device that displays shot details in real time and generates predictive insights.

British Olympic Rowing Team: Finding The Next Redgrave using longitudinal weight-lifting and rowing data, biomechanics data and other physiological information, they could begin to model athlete evolution.


Equivant: Data-Driven Crime Predictions Equivant’s Northpointe software suite attempts to gauge an incarcerated person’s risk of reoffending. Its algorithms predict that risk based on a questionnaire that covers the person’s employment status, education level and more.

IRS: Evading Tax Evasion Based on those profiles, the agency forecasts individual tax returns; anyone with wildly different real and forecasted returns gets flagged for auditing.


Sovrn: Automated Ad Placement Compatible with Google and Amazon’s server-to-server bidding platforms, its interface can monetize media with minimal human oversight — or, on the advertiser end, target campaigns to customers with specific intentions.

Instagram: Marketing With a Personal Touch Instagram uses data science to target its sponsored posts, which hawk everything from trendy sneakers to dubious “free watches.” The company’s data scientists pull data from Instagram as well as its owner, Facebook, which has exhaustive web-tracking infrastructure and detailed information on many users, including age and education. From there, the team crafts algorithms that convert users’ likes and comments, their usage of other apps and their web history into predictions about the products they might buy.

Airbnb: Search That Highlights Hip Areas Today, a rental gets priority in the search rankings if it’s in an area that has a high density of Airbnb bookings. There’s still breathing room for quirkiness in the algorithm, too, so cities don’t dominate towns and users can stumble on the occasional rental treehouse.

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More Summer schools

Mature Woman learning tech

There are loads of colleges and groups supporting free or inexpensive bootcamps so take a look at these and we’ll keep an eye out for any others we see – email us any you would like mentioned on info@wthub.org. And never forget that it’s never too late to learn new skills!

Gloucester College Bootcamps

Be the first to sign up for our NEW Skills Bootcamps in digital, with free training, a guaranteed interview and chance to change your future.

Flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, offering intensive training in the cyber and digital skills our county needs, with a fast track, guaranteed interview with a local employer.

Available for FREE to those aged 19 and over, who are in receipt of certain state benefits.

Our Skills Bootcamps are delivered online via OpenClassrooms and include weekly mentorship sessions with an industry expert. There are no tests or exams; the courses are project-driven and experiential to ensure you are work-ready.

Data Idols Summer School

The Data Idols Summer School is a new pilot program launched in 2021 in partnership with the Data Science Festival. Attendees can join our Summer School to learn the basics of Data Science and kickstart their journey into this Career. Join us over three months and watch the sessions live or learn at your own pace later in the year. It’s up to you, always free and always aimed at connecting you with others in our Data Community. Thank you to all our speakers who donated their time to make this Summer School a reality.

Institute of Coding summer school

Do you want to boost your employability in 16 weeks or less?
Our network of employers & educators have co-designed Skills Bootcamps that will provide learners with best-in-class digital skills education and deliver resilient pathways to work.

30 Days of ML

Machine learning beginner → Kaggle competitor in 30 days. Non-coders welcome.

Starts August 2nd!

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Summer school

Women with school books

Apologies for the change of heart from Weston College for last weeks event – it turns out that they have got some even better news and free boot camps in the offing, so we’ll reschedule for them to share with us in September.

Here are some other initiatives that may be worth a look over the summer:

For under 18’s

UKESF Insight Into Electronics

‘Insight Into Electronics’ is an exciting new initiative from the UKESF. It is a self-paced, interactive and FREE course that provides young people with a hands-on introduction to microcontrollers, Electronics and programming. A collaboration between the UKESF and Aston University, the course is specifically designed for UK-based sixth formers and KS4 pupils (S3 in Scotland) interested in Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science. It will provide a fascinating insight into these technologies, for those thinking about studying these subjects at college or university.

Welcome to Future Legacy Project!

Future Legacy Projects is an exciting creative programme supporting young women to make a difference in the world by creating their own digital social action project.

Our aim is to support our participants to learn about social action projects whilst developing their STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). 

Future Legacy Project brings together girls from London and Bristol to work on big ideas to create positive change. 

During the programme the participants learn new skills such as web development, photography, video, animation and product design. We also work with brilliant mentors and have many opportunities to meet inspirational professional women. 

and for the adults …

Come and collide with Bath Digital Festival

Bath Digital Festival

Our open call for events and speakers is now live – click the Get Involved button

The theme this year is collision. After over a year in isolation we want to showcase the fantastic innovations and initiatives created when industries and people come together. If you’ve got something interesting and exciting to share or something creative to show off, we want to hear from you!


Our Career Switcher courses will give you the skills and confidence you need to supercharge your career in tech. 

We have a range of women – from tech returners, to mums, to career changers, or those simply wanting to upskill – take part in our Career Switcher courses.  

We ofter three learning areas across Web Dev, Python & Apps, and Data & SQL to get you started (with more in the pipeline!

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Summer Break .. just one last thing ..

Summer Break

With Term coming to a close we are finishing off with one final event relating to last weeks newsletter:

Girl Geek Dinners presents Weston College courses

WSM Map Pin

Weston College have funding to deliver a series of 12weeks skills bootcamps in Cloud services and Cloud Data Engineering which is free to independent learners. Running 2 sets from September and January and hopefully with the guaranteed interview.
They also have loads of engineering and tech courses available which they will present (part of the WEIoT) and are presenting and discussing what the option are on the final GGD events of the year this coming Thursday

Sign up on the Bristol GGD #86 Weston College courses or Bath BGGD Reloaded #16 Weston College courses

Introducing the Data Ethics Club (hosted by the Jean Golding institute)

Data Ethics Club is a “journal” club about doing data science ethically. “Journal” because they will also read blog posts, (parts of) books, or watch videos.

The club is open to all and they are lucky to have attendees from around the world and with diverse expertise, from practising lawyers to data analysts in the UK National Health Service, to social scientists, to Research Software Engineers in the USA. Everyone is welcome to come and discuss Data Science and Ethics with us: and they look forward to learning from your perspective.

They send out regular reminders of our meetings to our mailing list, so joining it is the best way to regularly hear about our upcoming meetings.

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