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This is the best opportunity to learn and get paid for the pleasure, that we have seen and we suggest that you get in quick. It’s perfect for juniors wanting more experience, home upskilled, and basically, anyone wanting to get into Tech. It comes complete with a Job at the end so what’s not to love?

The Made Tech Academy is a 12-week programme for those who want to start a career in software engineering or have been learning to code but haven’t had the opportunity to gain any commercial experience working within the tech industry.

The programme is led by our full-time engineers and ex-Academy students and gives participants the skills they need to join one of our project delivery teams while getting paid a full salary of £22,500 – 25,000 (depending on location) from day one.

The 2020 Academy programme will begin as a remote experience with participants from London, Manchester and Bristol and will be starting in early September.

The closing date for applications is the 30th of June 2020.

View our Academy page for more information and to apply! (you can mention that you heard about it from us)

Here is a selection of blog posts written by ex-Academy engineers describing the programme:

Our Brilliant Candidates

Robot searching for a job

We set up our candidates page recently to support our members looking to further their careers and we have some brilliant members coming through. The full details are available on our candidate page here. We do charge based on trust but also look for companies with a good culture, the monies are to enable us to continue to support the women for free so please contact us on if you want an informal chat about the candidates as we are happy to consider options especially for struggling businesses and SME’s.

We will be moving these blogs onto our super inclusive jobs fair site in future when we get a spare second due to not running the events currently. We’ll advertise the members here though too.

A couple of our members set up websites to use for portfolios which we think are brilliant and what better way to show off your design skills.

Check out some great job hunting ideas

Gabs#1 (she’s just got a job though but we love her site)

Another one Gabs#2 made with React and Javascript

Other candidates include…

Juniors because its their first job after graduation or they are moving their career into tech or returners after a break

  • MSc Robotics; BA in Agricultural Mechanization and Automation
  • Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering;Bachelor Degree in Education;Six Sigma Yellow Belt from ASQ; Maths Teacher;Senior Chemical Engineer (product safety, quality process and production);
  • B.E. in electronics & telecommunication;Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering; Completed Software Testing course from SEED Infotech, Pursuing Data Analysis Certification from Udemy;
  • Bachelor Degree in Illustration;Level 2 C&G Diploma – Web Design and IT;CPD Certificate in User Experience Design
  • Senior Technical Project Management Consultant;Computer Information Systems Bsc (2 years); Bsc Psychology and Philosophy
  • M.Sc. Electronic Engineering; Batchelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering; Management of Electronics Devices and Circuits; lecturer in Electronic Devices and Circuits, Digital Electronics;

Mid Level, some experience in the industry that we belive should be treated as such:

  • PhD in Composite Design and Manufacture (UOB), MEng Materials Science (Oxford), Supply Chain and Purchasing Management, Associate Developer
  • 8 years Project Programme Management in IT within Manufacturing & Media. 4 years within Organisational Design & Strategy Delivery
  • 2 years system analyst, 10 years web dev/graphic design, also 2 years + pixel artist
  • 20 years industry experience in Information Management and Business Processes
  • Information Management MSc, DevAcademy, Full stack developer course, Mathematics and Computer Science Teaching (7 years), Automation Testing course
  • Women in Cyber Academy Bootcamp, Information Management MSc, Psychology BSc, PGCE Secondary, Social Anthropology & Comparative Religion BA
  • Senior Production Manager, Content Manager & Office Management, PA and Marketing Assistant
  • MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering;
  • B.E(Bachelors in Engineering); Oracle certified Associate.
  • 3+ years as a test engineer
  • BA Medical Sciences & Psychology (Cambridge);MA Philosophy of Cognitive Science (Sussex)

Senior Level – the serious experienced ones – pervious is too long so just the job titles!

  • Project/programme Management/BA
  • Experienced Assurance Manager working in Safety Critical systems
  • Experienced Head of Talent, Learning & Development
  • Experienced Design Engineer with lots of Rail Experience including AutoCAD design.
  • Finance-raising for tech companies
  • BA/Digital Marketing/CMS management

We also have… (no charge here)

The University of Bristol has started a COVID-19 SME Internship Fund. The scheme provides paid work experience of 4 weeks for current students within Bristol based SMEs. Organisations taking part in the scheme will receive a grant per internship to cover their intern’s full wages of £1149.40.

The full details can be found here:

I am currently a PhD student in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department at the University of Bristol. I specialise in photonics with a particular interest in Telecommunications, which is my background. Prior to starting the PhD I was a Optical/IP Transport Engineer at Vodafone NZ for a number of years, and last year completed an internship with Ciena in London.

I am well versed in various coding languages, data analysis, modelling, and report writing; among other skills (

Day 7 in the Big brother house

Cabin Fever

Anybody who wondered what the Big Brother house was like to be in? At least you don’t have an audience of people watching and commenting on your every mood swing so that has to be good – right?

There’s obviously not a lot going on and to be fair the phone autocorrected a word to be webinarse – and we can’t say we blame it so are making it the word of the month. Catching up with reading old fashioned books is working well and keeping us away from the screen, which is like a breath of fresh (or rather house) air.

Things to Like!

Some things that we’ve spotted that are now pretty accessible are:

The artificial intelligence festival – there are free tickets to limited talks or only $99 for access to all areas, remote of course! It’s running from June the 8th til the 12th.

Support Folding@home It is a project focused on disease research. The problems they’re solving require so many computer calcul­ations – and need your help to find the cures! Be part of a bigger solution with your time and compute power (you don’t need to be a genius)

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Time to upskill

Home learning

You have probably already gotten through all your boxsets and caught up on all your reading/housework/DIY this week so we’ve decided to put some activities together to keep you all busy during this time of self isolation.

Being a glass half full lot we think that if we actually had the time on our hands to do stuff during this time then what better way than to use the time to upskill. For companies closed or struggling with reduced workload its the perfect chance to upskill your staff. For those who are in other industries who are in shutdown currently – take a look at the free or affordable online training options.

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So – what’s (not) on?

Coronavirus Closed

Looks like we are taking an enforced break for the foreseeable future while we watch the city and country react to the Coronavirus impact. There’s some great datasets in the MIT update here for those bored data people out there to play with, for the rest of you we suspect we will bump into you in B & Q / Ikea /garden centre or in the supermarket queues when you realise you forgot to stock up on chocolate oranges!

Update on our Events

Workshop Wednesdays

So for Women’s Tech Hub & CodeHub’s Workshop Wednesdays – we have to announce cancellations as Desklodge have very sensibly cancelled external events, they’ve suggested it’s just for March – however, we will keep the events for April open but are playing those by ear so we really don’t know 🤷‍♀️! Keep an eye on the codehub slack as they may run some remote sessions…

Bristol GirlGeekDinners

For the Bristol GirlGeekDinners at the ACCU – there is no longer an ACCU conference 😢 they were very good and happy to support until the very end with sponsorship from Bloomberg even though they were not coming! So big thanks to the ACCU conference and Bloomberg and sorry that you have to cancel! We’ll try and put together an alternative dissemination event later in the year if we can and look forward to ACCU 2021!

Free Three Fridays (f3F)

Currently, we are continuing with these as they are limited in numbers and Desklodge is still open for co-working. If these do get cancelled we will be happy to meet with members in other public spaces to continue with our support for you. Please keep an eye out for the updates and if you would like to meet up individually during this period (all members) please email us on and we will try and arrange a meeting.

While we are still running the fridays then please follow:

  • If you think you may have flu, please do not come in
  • Please frequently wash/sanitise your hands
  • If coughing or sneezing, ensure it’s into your elbow or a tissue and avoid touching your face (we know its the start of hayfever season)
  • Avoid being tactile i.e. handshaking, kissing, hugging etc (this is just us generally, can we keep this longterm please?)
  • If you have come back off holiday in the last 14 days (from anywhere really) please do not attend … we also have holiday envy!
  • We don’t have pizzas on fridays but if we did: we would cut the pizzas cleanly so you can pick up slices and not ‘tear and share’

Most importantly – support the people that made need help are they in isolation? do they need provisions? And most of all stay well out there 😷

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