Lets get ready for 2022

2022 year of the Tiger

It turns out its also the year of the water tiger (starting February – Chinese new year), which apparently comes with the characteristic of “Has a strong sense of self-esteem and learning ability” which we think is a very good sign for those wanting to skill up and get their careers on track! So on that note…

We have some cunning plans

Data Science Event

Data Science Event

We started planning on this last year but have moved it to this year and can announce are provisionally planning on running this at the end of March 2022 aimed at people wishing to get into data science or simply interested in the domain. It will be a conference light event t presenting what Data Science is in conjunction with UWE data science MSc and other careers support. Any companies wishing to be involved then feel free to reach out as we shall be running a recruitment event as part of the day. It is a Hybrid event so anyone not able to make it in person has the opportunity to attend from home.

Extraordinary General Meeting

As we’re hopefully getting to the end of this and considering going back to real life events we have decided to ask all interested in coming to the meetups to join us for a discussion on what everyone would like moving forward.

We have the possibility of going back live to Desklodge, we are currently in discussions with them on the layout and format moving forward as it’s likely to be with restricted numbers to start with.

Therefore we’d like to ask the following questions:
1) Do people want to go back to live meetups
2) Do we want to run some hybrid events
3) With Hybrid do we want these to continue indefinitely to include people from further afield
4) Do we want to start later – so 6.30/7 as people are working from home and may need to travel in
5) What subjects do people want to cover
6) What you’ve enjoyed in the past and may want repeated
7) Does anyone want to be more active and host their own workshops
8) If you are a company would you want to sponsor occasional meetups to also advertise your roles

.. and anything else that comes up

We can run through the list and go through the attendees for their thoughts.
We will return regardless 2 weeks later. We simply want you to all have your say on what you want from the group.

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Countdown to the New Year

New Year countdown

What a year that was!

It’s been yet another year of lockdown and a lack of live meetups. It’s also been great that we’ve managed to keep things running and stay engaged with a lot of our members, through the workshop Wednesday’s events or through simple support calls and signposting on the site. We realise it’s not been easy, either for us or all our support groups (code hub and others) and also for our members. We’re therefore like to invite you along for a quick catch up or Extraordinary General Meeting on the 12th instead of the Workshop Wednesday. The Details are on our page here. Please feel free to come along and find out more or have your say on this as we need feedback to gauge interest on the subjects and what people want from us.

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Countdown to Christmas with Data

Woman Wrapping Christmas Presents

Firstly – Happy Christmas!!

We hope you all have a wonderful covid free Christmas and that you get a chance to put your feet up and play with your new tech – or simply put the kids’ lego together! Alternatively, switch it all off, put your feet up and read a book if you can. For those doing the cooking then good luck .. and we hope it all comes out great!

Ever thought about Graph Theory

An amazing data science video produced by Tori Tompkins introducing graphs and how they work! It is short and punchy – be sure to check it out. 🙌🏽

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Women in Data, Creative Funding and Mental Health

Robot decorating christmas tree

Women in Data – Coffee Confidential’s

For those interested in getting into Data – or already working in it then you should either know about or need to check out the Women in Data group. They host some great events and they are currently running a series of Women In Data Coffee confidential as mentioned above and a series of Podcasts.

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Skills shortage?

Skills Shortage

This week we are taking a look at some of the latest work culture initiatives that we’ve been spotting as well as some key insights into the industry, where the skills shortage is and what may be of interest to get into as a career. So first off, a key insight from IC-Resources highlights not only the worth of jobs in the engineering field but also the shortage.


Speak Out Revolution is a non-profit organisation founded in 2020, with a mission to cancel the culture of silence on harassment and bullying in our workplaces. We’re leveraging the lived experiences of those who have spoken out about workplace harassment and bullying so we can collectively, efficiently and intelligently tackle the fundamental challenge to creating truly inclusive workplaces for all.

There has been an increase in salaries across the board in software, due to high demand and todays’ buoyant market. We continue to see demand for candidates with experience (academic or commercial) in Embedded Software, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

The global demand for semiconductor skills has reached unprecedented levels. That’s great for the people in the industry, as the upward pressure on salaries is also unprecedented.

The electronics recruitment industry has continued to bounce back with a vengeance and has never been busier. Generalist Electronics Engineers are in high demand in almost every area of the UK. Specialist skills within Power, RF and FPGA are particularly sought after,

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