Code of Conduct


We want a productive, happy and agile community that can welcome new ideas and shares our aim to foster and advance gender equality in the Tech industry.

We gain strength from diversity, and actively seek participation from those who actively work to advance inclusivity. This includes all diversity groups and although our core aim is to improve gender diversity we are keen to collaborate with organisations in LGBTQ+ and BAME communities.

This code of conduct exists to:

  • Ensure that diverse groups collaborate to mutual advantage and we will challenge any prejudice which would serve against our common goals.
  • Governs how we behave in public or in private if it affects our common goals (for this consider any personal social media which may offend any of our members in relation to what may be perceived as unacceptable bias)
  • Ensure that the group is not used to further members’ political or religious ambitions or beliefs.

We expect it to be honoured by everyone who represents Women’s Tech Hub (WTHub) or claims affiliation with WTHub as well as its members.

We strive to:
We aim to have a supportive peer network, so whilst we understand that not all members (whether business or individual members) may agree with or approve of other members, we ask that you are considerate towards them.

In terms of any conflict of opinion we aim to ensure that we can work together to resolve conflict. At no point should any personal (or business related) conflict turn into personal attacks as we all wish to work in a community in which we feel comfortable and safe.

We are all fallible, and we are aware that often mistakes are made which may offend others. Due to the nature of the WTHub we know we have a special remit and as such the use of the English language with regard to gender is particularly sensitive. If we or any members make errors which affect others then please contact us and we will try and resolve so that all parties understand the intention and perceived understanding of any such interactions.

Some examples of gendered language and why it matters

  • “guys” try not to use this term to address mixed gender groups. Alternatives are everyone, folks, team, people, mortals, there’s actually quite a large list out there.
  • Use ‘they’ instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’

We can supply a list of gender neutral language options upon request as you shouldn’t feel the need to gender people when you interact with them.

Nobody is expected to be perfect in this community so please ask if you are not sure where to go or what to do – we are a supportive network.

Leadership, Authority and Responsibility

We encourage new participants to feel empowered to lead, to engage and propose actions that may lead to the achievement of our goal. Leadership can be exercised by anyone simply by proposal and agreement by the group in our social media channels, there is no need to wait for recognition when the opportunity to lead presents itself.

Final responsibility for WTHub is with the Board of Directors.

The WTHub advisory board may arbitrate in any dispute resolution not resolved within the network and also serve to propose direction to WTHub.

Membership of the Advisory Board is reserved for nomination by the Company Directors (we are happy to take proposals from our members and Advisory Board)

Leadership is not an award, right, or title; it is a privilege, a responsibility and a mandate. A leader will only retain their authority as long as they retain the support of those who delegated that authority to them.

Our community is open and we invite all members to participate in our social media, events and other initiatives. We do have some initiatives however that are aimed specifically at women and gender non-conforming folks, helping support them to get work ready, or supporting them with issues and advice on their careers.