Workshop Wednesday Speaker announcement

We are really pleased to announce that at our next Workshop Wednesday we have two great speakers for your delectation – just signup HERE.

AI Ethics with Ben Byford

AI is and will have direct impacts for better or worse on society. AI Ethics has become a cross-disciplinary effort to consider AI and all of its impacts and work towards ethically aligning our work for better outcomes.Whether you are new to AI concepts or are a data scientist working with Machine Learning models, you may have watched in confusion, scorn, or admiration at the current AI Ethics debates.With this session it is your opportunity to ask questions to be covered in the talk and Q&A. What is AI? What are moral agents? Who controls the future? What is responsible AI? Send you questions to

Ben Byford

About Ben’s Machine Ethics Podcast

Ben Runs a machine Ethics Podcast regularly here:

The podcast, and other content was first created to extend Ben’s growing interest in both the AI domain and in the Ethics associated. Over the last few years the podcast has grown into a place of discussion and dissemination of important ideas, not only in AI but in tech ethics generally. As the interviews unfold on AI implementation or abstract technology ideas they often vere into current affairs, the future of work, environmental issues, and more. Though the core is still AI and AI Ethics, we release content that is broader and therefore hopefully more useful to the general public and practitioners.

Test-Driven Development (TDD): An Interactive Introduction

Sick of writing aimless code, spending hours on debugging and feeling your projects are, well, just a bit hacky?  There is a better way: Test-Driven Development (TDD).Take part in an interactive Python programming session using TDD and dip your toes in a test-first world that will change how you think about writing code.Aimed at intermediate beginners but open to all, this workshop will equip you with the resources to approach writing software in a high-quality, methodical way.—Zack is a junior software engineer, a bootcamp graduate and former Royal Navy officer. He’s passionate about Test-Driven Development and thinks you should be too! Catch up with him here.

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Zack Adlington

Of course we will also have the earlier regular workshops…