Diversity in Tech ~ Childcare at the Conference

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to attend our first annual conference on Diversity in Tech.

  • We decided to have it on a Saturday rather than during the week, so that people working elsewhere could come and find out more about tech.
  • We kept the price as low as possible (lunch is included) and offer free tickets for people on benefits.
  • We are hosting at the Watershed, which is an accessible building, with accessible toilet and baby-changing area.

  • We have compressed the panel discussions into a shorter day so that people with family or social commitments can hopefully come and see more than one discussion.
  • We have left an hour and a half after all the panels for networking and informal discussions which anyone can drop into.

And, perhaps most importantly, we are offering free activities for children so that parents can come along more easily, especially solo parents.

Code Club & Creche

While the panel discussions are happening in the largest room we have Code Club activities with DigiLocal in the middle room and a small creche in the small room.

The code club is aimed at 8+ year olds and the creche is for 2-8 year olds. Please email us in advance to give us an idea of numbers for the Code Clubs and definitely to book space in the creche – it is small and priority is given to sole carers.

Feel free to bring younger children in to the panel discussions with you, as long as they don’t heckle too much!

The children’s activities are very kindly supported by two Bristol companies who are actively working to recruit more diverse teams and have been really keen to engage with WTHub and what we do.

KETL & fffunction

KETL help companies identify and address their data management issues, and as well as working with big businesses they also do pro bono work for charities and run free training to encourage people into working with data management. They also supported a free space on our Machine Learning course this year.

fffunction are a user-centred design agency based in the South West of the UK. By sponsoring the creche at the Diversity in Tech conference, they hope to help attract attendees who may not otherwise have been able to make it. That’s one small step to help increase diversity in technology and design.

Go check out their websites, and don’t forget to buy your ticket for the 24th June!