LinkedIn Power Up with Ajara I. Pfannenschmidt

A little while ago a lively talk about the benefits of networking and job searching through social media took place in the coffee break of one of our F3F. The questions arising during this conversation led WTH member Ajara to offer a workshop about LinkedIn. Being a long-time trainer of many tech subjects, she is familiar with the different aspects of social media and their use on a business level.

Creating a first LinkedIn profile or brushing up an existing profile was the main focus of the session.

A very interested group of 12 women came and settled in the picnic area of the, as always, very supportive Desklodge space.

First we heard some general information about LinkedIn which was launched in 2003 as a business network. Some astounding facts: 80% of B2B leads in social media happen on LinkedIn and LinkedIn is the 14th most popular website by Alexa ranking. So definitely worth taking a closer look.

A reminder of the 2 steps of social networking:

  1. Meet new people in your industry.
  2. Build a relationship with those you meet.

We looked at the different personas on this platform and what options they bring. This provided a comprehensive first overview of functionalities and their utilisation.

Next we looked in more detail into the user:

  • How to build a personal profile from scratch?
  • How do we grow our network?
  • Where do we find people in our industry?

Different aspects of how to approach a person and send an invitation were discussed. Questions, hesitations and considerations – the whole facet of social media networking.

After a short break all the women started working on their personal profiles. Of course more questions were coming up during the hands-on process – profiles are as individual as people. Ajara shared her experience and many useful tips on best practice.  The instant feedback from the women was very positive. They all felt that they learned a lot and were inspired to put more energy into their LinkedIn profiles.

A follow-up session on one of the F3F mornings is already in the works. Other aspects like refined job search and good ranking will be researched and discussed in a peer group.