Data Science Conference & Career Fair

Women’s Tech Hub in collaboration with UWE

April the 28th 2022 @ The Watershed, Central Bristol

The conference

Women’s Tech Hub is proud to present a one day conference in collaboration with UWE Bristol.

Rather than it being a conference for people in the field, this is a conference for people interested in Data Science and learning what it’s about, how to get into it and how to transfer into the field. On that note, UWE has a great UWE Data Science MSc course which may just be the answer!

Data Science Event

Data Science is a great side of the tech industry, fast-growing and a fantastic career to get into.  The world generally over the past few years has become almost obsessed with gathering data, sometimes for good and also sometimes not so good.

Data Science is often misunderstood and seen as the preserve of ‘geeks’ or people with a background in the industry already, or simply not an area that people understand enough to get involved with. We also know that there is a miscomprehension between Data engineering, Data analytics and Data science and debunking the mysteries of it all is the purpose of the conference.

Rather than considering data as a place where people try to sell you things or attack you through Cyber-attacks, we want you to consider its other uses. 

Examples such as:

  • Healthtech: predicting malaria, health predictions, genomics
  • Foodtech: Quality control, health management, supply chain management
  • Fintech: cryptocurrency, fraud detection, intelligent and ethical finance management
  • Createch: NFT’s, computer-generated holography, Augmented reality, Virtual reality.
  • Greentech: Sustainable farming, climate predictions, energy
  • Biotech: Alzeimers, Covid-19 vaccines, cystic fibrosis drugs
  • Automotive: vehicle safety with cognitive IoT, predictive maintenance, traffic management
  • ……. (to be fair the list is almost endless)

The conference is there to unravel this tech field for you and explain why it may be of interest to you, why you should have a place in it and how you can get involved.  Even if you don’t believe you have the ability or the knowledge then feel free to pop along and find out what it’s all about. 


The day will be split into 2 – there are different speakers in the morning and the afternoon and panel discussions. You can come in the morning or the afternoon or both.  We have great speakers and discussions and also the opportunity to speak to companies looking for diverse candidates at the career fair. 

Full Detail of the programme can be found on the Data Science Conference Page here.

The Career fair

Not all of the recruiters will be data science-related – they are looking for software and hardware engineers as well as anything else in tech and offer training also.  So if Data isn’t your thing then pop along to find out more about the industry or talk jobs with the local companies.

Careers loud hailer

We will be running it on 15-minute intros so if you are looking for work it is worth bringing your CV for the companies – we’ll be introducing you by name and interest only.  You get a chance to speak to them about opportunities.  This is for anyone looking to get into/return to the industry, get a job,  and people just interested in finding out more and speak directly to the companies. They will speak to you and you won’t get ignored which is common in other career fairs.

We’ll advertise the companies and what they are looking for ahead of time and on our jobs board and social media – A full list of links to pages with their Jobs on can be found here. [Remember no one is too junior or not techy enough to have a conversation – it never hurts to ask]

Our Sponsors

Companies who are recruiting at our Careers Fair: Click on the logos below to see their current Job Offerings

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Please note

There are no recruitment companies allowed at our events as we aim to support companies directly. Please check out our code of conduct for our event rules including social media. If you are interested in being involved please contact us at and we will be happy to send you details.

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