2 June 2023

Data skills

If you love Data (and who doesn’t? .. or are we just geeks!) take a look at some of the training courses below. This is only a teaser list there are plenty of more specialist groups out there who you can speak to if you are looking to transfer into this area.


Is a core data language especially for statistical analysis

Alison : CodeAcademy : Coursera : EDX

Databases (& SQL)

The basics of all data storage and learning how to store, manage and retrieve data. It’s worth having an understanding as it underlies most tools that you may use in most jobs.

Alison : CodeAcademy: Coursera : EDX

Data Analytics

This is about understanding what the data means and putting it into a format to allow you to present findings in a meaningful manner. Google analytics is a great example of data sets and understanding how people use your websites for example.

Alison : CodeAcademy : Coursera : EDX


Is the language in vogue currently – mainly because it has the main AI (Artificial intelligence libraries in it) Great for data and a great language to have on your CV.

Alison : CodeAcademy : Coursera : EDX

For all of the above all of the online resources have multiple options so it may be worth having a search around and see which serves you best. For support while you are learning, if you are Bristol based then pop along to one of our Workshop Wednesdays for friendly support. In other areas, check out meetups for whats on in your area that may offer support, or check out with local colleges and universities for their events.



Data Analytics

Data science

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