Jobs: Adarga (Bristol)

Here’s an opportunity for anyone interested in working in AI. Adarga is based in Bristol and London, and is developing pioneering software with powerful predictive analytics to enable their customers to understand and use data more effectively. Adarga works with government and financial services and, luckily for us, their technical team is based here in Bristol.

They are currently recruiting Full Stack Developers and so Ettie Eyre & Alex Pengilly will be giving our WTHub Free3Friday coffeetalk on 29th September if you want to know more. The Adarga careers page is here and we have put more info on our jobspage here so take a look then come and meet Ettie & Alex on Friday 29th September – sign up here – to find out more, ask Ettie and Alex questions about what it is like to work there.

We really like the Adarga statement on their website:

At Adarga we believe in diversity. Building a team with a broad variation of backgrounds regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, social or ethnic background or any other dimension of diversity, is important to us and we strongly encourage personal expression in our working environment. Our greatest innovations will come from challenging the average and to do so we must have a wide spectrum of experiences and beliefs. The only constant we want in our business is talent and strength of conviction in our mission.

Sounds good huh?!

If you like the sound of any of the roles there (or elsewhere!) we are happy to help our members with applications and cvs etc. We also know it can be tricky for some people to work out how much to ask for in terms of salary, so if any of that resonates with you then do get in touch – there are plenty of WTHub members who are happy to help with peer support and feedback. Come to F3F!