Girl Geek Dinners on the 25th

Next week sees the return of Girl Geek Dinners with Vanda Papafilippou.

Vanda Papafilippou

Vanda is a Senior Lecturer in HRM at UWE Bristol. The predominant focus of her research is gender and race inequality in the workplace (esp. in male-dominated sectors such as engineering) as well as career identity and how it can be influenced by gender, race, ethnicity and social class. Her most recent research project (£14,000, funded by the Vice-Chancellor’s Early Career Awards), looked at how the participation in formal, internal and external, women’s networks might impact on the formation of the career identity of female engineers).

Thursday’s talks will be the result of her research entitled
The networked self: exploring networks as a source of career development and identity for female engineers

As always, we welcome men to our group, but to keep our audience predominantly female, we ask that all men are accompanied by a woman (just add a +1 on when you sign up)

You can join up on the Bristol GGD here and for Bath GGD here.