Opportunities with Institute of Physics

Some of the lovely people who work at Institute of Physics (IOP) have been popping in to Women’s Tech Hub recently, and have also been supporting Girl Geek Dinners meetups with space and pizza. Now they want to encourage more women to apply for a range of opportunities there, and we focus on a couple below. First of all, a bit about them:

Who are IOP?

The Institute of Physics Publishing is an international scientific publisher, delivering leading-edge research worldwide and luckily for us, based in Bristol.

Their digital portfolio includes the IOPscience journals platform, Physics World news and regional websites. Their tech department is made up of Digital Transformation – leading on digital delivery and global digital services and Engineering – providing technical leadership for software development, QA, DevOps and application support. Their IT department has approximately 50 members of staff and also work closely with an offshore development team.

They will be coming in to give a coffeetalk to our Free3Friday very soon, and in advance of that we are sharing some opportunities below.

We asked IOP why they are interested in promoting their roles to women.

Why does diversity matter to IOP Pub Tech?

Stereotypes are sometimes helpful shorthand but the whole geek-tech-beard thing needs to stop now.
Teams that really gel represent a spectrum of experiences, opinions and skills. You don’t get that if everyone looks and thinks the same.
At IOP Pub Tech we know we’ve got to ring some changes to improve our diversity profile. It’s not about ticking boxes. It’s about a positive shift in how we recruit and support people because we know our teams will be stronger, more creative and deliver better results if we can mix up the mix.
In practice what can we do? Recruitment through forums like WTH is a good start. As well as making a commitment to supporting agile and flexible working arrangements.

They have also clearly stated that they have working mums in their teams and so know from first-hand experience that it is possible to have a successful career in tech even if you are working outside a conventional 9-5pm in the office. You’ll have to come along and hear more from them about their experiences so keep an eye out for their coffeetalk.

What opportunities are there with IOP Pub Tech?

Engineering Manager
Managing the Publication and Production Platforms Team

Senior Developer
Looking for someone with strong java skills to join the development team

So head over to the IOP site, take a look at the job outlines and apply – submit your CV and a covering letter that highlights your previous experience and how it applies to the role, and why you are interested in the opportunity and IOP Publishing.

If you want help with CVs and covering letters then come along to Free3Friday and get support.