Women’s Tech Founders

Come along to the next Women Tech Founders on Monday and help support Constance practicing her pitch for her kissy kissy game. You don’t have to be an actual tech founder, just an interest in what it’s like to be one, wanting to support others or simply being a bit curious – it helps to be or identify as a woman though as this is the support network for you!

Supporting women founders:

It’s hard to work stuff out when you are right in the middle of things. This month we are introducing a regular 20-minute slot called “Its not about the nail” to work talk through your ideas, projects and business conundrums.

1. Intros and catch ups
2. Agreeing the rules
3. Its not about the nail – with Constance Fleuriot and Pretty Digital
4. Planning for the year – sessions ideas

Watch this video for some background on what we mean by “its not about the nail

The aim is to give one person each month some space talk about their business, bring their whole selves and to be listened to. WTF’s agree to listen appreciatively to each other and give one person a safe space to share and think through their problem. This can only work if we listen attentively and don’t rush to fix things.

Guidelines for speakers are:

To be brief, be specific, be positive, and take responsibility. You can bring everything in your life to the discussion – it’s not always about the business. Other participants should exercise good listening skills by using open-ended questions, acknowledge the problem without being judgemental, and not try to fix everything (with the proviso that occasionally people do want to hear ideas and solutions). We also agree not to repeat or discuss anything you learn from these discussions.

This is probably not the final set of guidelines – lets discuss this too!

Join via our meetup group HERE